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Kinda feel i'm done

Community Member

Hey, A tired issue, just tonight it's hitting me kinda hard.

Screwed by my mother.

Screwed by my partners.

Lost everything I worked for.

Left to struggle in life now, struggling to understand why 

I should continue, can't see a reason 

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Community Member

Hi there op.

Very sorry to hear those and of where your at. lf you feel like it later on maybe a bit more info could help people answer better.

l hate having to be like this but unfortunately life's shown me many times that l need to observe and choose people even family members but of cause especially partner, very carefully before l give too much or leave myself too open. l really hate it and sometimes being that way has damaged or held things back with someone it turns out later on was someone that l could have trusted but well , for me anyway, it still just seems to be the wisest way.



Community Member

Thank you for your response.

I have no self value, have been taught that.

I understand that I have never been valued as a person, just valued for money, property and labour. Never thought I could fail so badly that I’m not valued as a person, just what I be screwed for