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10 Keys to the door out of depression

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Hi all,

As some know I've got bipolar2, depression and dysthymia a low mood constant depression. My wife also has depression. So with all this depressive mood with the ups and downs of bipolar going on I thought I'd list the most important steps you can take to minimalise your symptoms and get your life back.

  1. Attitude. It's even before treatment imo. We've all met them, friends or family members that are in denial. No one can help a person in denial- fact!. With the right attitude - you can move mountains! However if your positive attitude isnt a realistic one that you are fooling yourself and that is a hinderance not an asset. Sure, have goals but the best goal post is a movable one whereby your unpredictable arrival of your symptoms can be catered for. It is no good projecting a difficult to achieve goal then feel disappointed you failed to reach it because you had a panic attack or you needed an afternoon nap. Be realistically positive, not unrealistically motivated. Be measured with your own expectations and dont live your life and balance your goals on other peoples expectations.
  2. Diagnosis. Correct diagnosis is crucial. A second opinion is wise. I went 6 years taking medication (tried 12 types) before I got a second opinion. Turned out I didnt have ADHD after all (no wonder the meds didnt work).
  3. Treatment. You'll get opinions for treatment from friends and family, trouble is, they usually dont have qualifications of a psychiatrist plus the many years of practical GP experience. A friend might say "my friend took ... herb or similar unconventional treatment. Beware and follow your GP's directions. Treatment/meds often take long term to be effective.
  4. Lifestyle changes. A few decades ago we moved from the city to the country. This might not suit you but do consider it.
  5. Protection. Protect yourself from toxic influences. Better to have only quality empathetic people in your life.
  6. Keep busy and be distracted. Hobbies/sports are essential to wellness.
  7. Beware the "cycle". If you have a depressive cycle going on then better to allow that cycle to run its course before placing expectation on your performance. Pedalling as hard as you can gets you nowhere with a broken chain.
  8. Good diet and some exercise. Moderation is better than no exercise at all.
  9. A return to basics. Stress can limit you. The fast lane can hinder. Time out by watching a bee collect nectar, a flower bloom can work.
  10. Sleep

Any ideas? TonyWK

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Community Champion

Hello Tony....

Thank you so much for this very informative and helpful post...

It really is up to ourselves to be as pro active as we can in managing our mental health along side with our GP, supporters and professional mental health workers.

Without our want to help ourselves...we stay in limbo, unable to move forward...What you have said makes a lot of sense and is easy to understand..

I think we need to accept ourselves as we are...and care enough for ourselves to want to start on our way towards wellness..

What you have written will be valuable to me when I need a bit of reminding that I need to care enough about me to take time out amongst the bees, trees and flowers..

I think a lot of people are so caught/trapped in this fast moving life of work, money, finances etc...that we forget that we all need a little escape to rest and let our soul have a small break by caring for ourselves...

My goal was to be able to walk anywhere I wanted to walk on my own....I haven’t reached my goal but I’m doing the banking 2 times a week for my volunteer job....It’s only a 5 minute walk their and back...standing in a queue waiting my turn....It’s a start towards my bigger goal...

Kind thoughts Dear Tony..


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Great post and list zTony.

Fir me when I stopped bring in denial, stopped fighting, stopped pitying myself and started accepting myself and learning about what works and dies not work, things started to improve.

If I need to stay in bed to noon I don’t feel guilty or make excuses. I just look at YouTube and uk funny panel shows.