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What's cooking good looking?

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What's the deal banana peel?

There is a unique connection between what we eat and how we feel. This thread is all about sharing food ideas and recipes that are healthy or easy so we have time to look after our health while suffering from an illness or maybe just because you can.

Whats up buttercup?

A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa! This will be food for the soul!

Here's an idea to get the ball rolling:

I get a kaleslaw from coles pre-made, it has five super foods in it including seeds with a very healthy yoghurt dressing. This is great in wholemeal wraps with ham and cheese for lunch or as a salad with freshly grilled chicken for dinner with toasted wraps as a crunchy feel. It usually lasts 3 days and I only dress it when I eat it. Enjoy that one on me.
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...is an interesting factoid for ya!



Moreton Bay 'Bugs' and the like...

Are just that, they are BUGS of the ocean.

Exactly the same body-structure...exoskeleton and soft, squishy insides...

People pay tonnes for Lobster - thats just a giant bug!!!

Its just that people think that because it comes from the ocean, and tastes nice with garlic and butter...that its fancy cuisine!

All Indigenous cultures have been eating 'bugs' since the beginning of time...

Witchetty Grubs in OZ

Huhu Grubs in NZ

...even Escargot are snails, and sold in fancy French restaurants!

It would take a change in perspective...but its possible.

And, one last thing for you...

Did you know that Food standard regulations allow for up to around 2 to 3 maggots, in every tin of tinned tomatoes!

All tinned foods in fact...have maggots in them at one point or another...that is passed by the regulation board!

We've all been eating maggots and bugs for years!!!.

...I like my maggots raw!

I eat my flies with chopsticks, like Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid...its the sport of it all, that makes it fun!

I like the Cryovac idea!



Your cracking me up.

Do know how many spider people eat when sleeping?

Best not answer that one. I so a post about arachnophobia.

Anyway bro its always intelligent convo with a bit of harmless humour. Love it.

I have gone past my screen time for this evening...so I bid you farewell.

SNORT ing in the morning and post my findings hwjt.

That just hit me on another level.

Soon I be just talking and acronyms.......snorting hwjt

Goodnight bro


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Pancakes...........yay......... not bugs

2 cups self-raising flour
2 tsp caster sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup water
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 tbsp vegetable oil
30g butter for cooking

Sift flour into a large bowl. Stir in sugar. Make a well in the centre. Gradually whisk in milk, water, eggs and oil. Whisk it to remove any remaining lumps (a hand blender can be used). Transfer batter to a jug. Melt butter in a heavy based non stick frying pan on medium heat. Pour batter into the fry pan. Cook for a few minutes, until bubbles appear on surface and underside is golden. Turn and cook a 1-2 minutes. Transfer to a plate, cover to keep warm, and repeat with remaining batter, wiping pan with buttered paper towel between each.

WOW..... really its endless what you can put on them. Jam, cream, lemon and sugar, honey, banana, strawberries, maple syrup and mix berry compote. The toppings are endless.

Whats a topping I missed?

Debate: pancakes, pikelets, crepes or waffles. Which is best?

Eat well

Over indulge in moderation

Six is cooking now

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Champion Alumni

Hi, you two crack me up! In a good way!

I've enjoyed reading some of this thread, don't have the time right now to consume it all!

Regarding pancakes or waffles, chocolate sauce over the top of lightly stewed strawberries. Yum.

I made an orange sauce once, that was delicious as well.

You are always welcome at my place to cook!

Cheers, Mrs. Dools

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Blue Voices Member

blondguy is missing cherry pie. dug out this recipe, hope it makes sense. May need to modernize some stuff though; like we don't churn our own butter anymore; and the icebox is now called a refrigerator. They didn't have SR flour back then, so I suspect that's plain.

2C flour
1tsp rock salt; finely ground
2/3C veg oil
4x 1T very cold water (ice melts, but just)

Whisk the salt into the flour; good ten minutes
Use a butter knife and mix in the oil til it pebbles
1T water - fork it in; 1T, Fork, 1T, Fork, 1T, Fork
Roll, fold and ball
Into icebox for an hour til cold and bendy
Roll (dusty flour) and shape and put in pie shell.
keep enough for lid.

the good stuff
1 3/8 C caster sugar
1/2 C flour
5 1/2 C pitted cherries
2T freshly churned butter; hardened in icebox

Preheat at 400F (about 205C)
Whisk the sugar and flour; good ten minutes
Wood spoon in the cherries, fold until all together
Pour into pie shell
Cover with butter shavings
Lid atop, seal and flute
Bake an hour, or til top browns
Cool on window sill for 2 hours.

Hi bluey,

That is a very old recipe, you can tell by the window sill at the end. And yes ...It could do with some modernization,

Do you want be to find you a better recipe?


...Window Sill...well spotted bro!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

A better recipe? As if?
No I am good with that which is tried and true.


The word gastronomy comes from ancient greek, γαστήρ, gastér. Which basically means, Stomach and the laws that govern or the art and law of regulating the stomach.

This is a science which involves the understanding of all of cooking, techniques, nutrition facts, taste, smell and ingestion. All rolled up in a neat little sensory and physiological ball. Each of these sections are an art in themselves. Its takes understanding of each of them to be a chef, a cook only needs to know technique, taste and smell.

Understanding all of that is......well ........MIND BLOWING!!!!!

This tread is escapism for me, or to put it in proper nicey nicey terms "overcoming Anhedonia" i choose to call it escapism because, basically thats what it is, im escaping MDD by trying to regain a lost passion that, once again MDD has stripped away from me.

This is not about trying to be better than everyone else, it's about try to get back to Gastronomy. An ART or PASSION. I have no "hedonic capacity" atm actually can't remember when I last had a feeling. To me, I feel fake, not real or an act.

I'm human

I'm doing things right

I'm not worthless

I have many aspects covered overall

But it's much bigger than me

Major depressive disorder

Is me, therefore I am it

We are family depression and me!

Six isn't cooking now

Back shortly


Forgive me for not getting back to this one, sooner.

Sometimes threads get lost, in amongst it all...

What is your favourite thing to cook?

Are you more a savoury, or sweet cook..as in what do you prefer preparing?

And, what flavours, and cuisine do you most enjoy cooking?

Just know this...

The passion that you have for cooking, and being a chef...never leaves you.

It may get a bit buried under the muck...but it doesnt take too long for the passion to fully ignite again, as long as you are genuine about wanting to get back to that passionate place again.

I feel the same way about being a performer, and entertainer - I am hungry like a lion, to perform again!

We can encourage each other to get back that passion, for our respective art, again.

What do ya reckon?

StayStrong brother!