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What's cooking good looking?

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What's the deal banana peel?

There is a unique connection between what we eat and how we feel. This thread is all about sharing food ideas and recipes that are healthy or easy so we have time to look after our health while suffering from an illness or maybe just because you can.

Whats up buttercup?

A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa! This will be food for the soul!

Here's an idea to get the ball rolling:

I get a kaleslaw from coles pre-made, it has five super foods in it including seeds with a very healthy yoghurt dressing. This is great in wholemeal wraps with ham and cheese for lunch or as a salad with freshly grilled chicken for dinner with toasted wraps as a crunchy feel. It usually lasts 3 days and I only dress it when I eat it. Enjoy that one on me.
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Hey Bro,

So a big part of what I am researching is how what we eat, effects how we think and behave.

Eliminating all sucrose and foods that contain high-fructose corn-syrup has become vital for all people with autism.

There are around 600Million neurons in the gut.

It is now recognised as the "2nd brain" - or The Enteric Nervous System.

Ever noticed how many of your 'feelings' start in the gut?

The connection between Gut&Brain is so important now...always was, but now we have some hard-science to back it all up.

Anyway, I work as a PersonalChef, with private clients - I run this as a micro-biz.

One of my clients has kids with Pyrrole Disorder.

Closely linked to autism.

I have been preparing their foods and meals following the GAPS diet - GUT AND PSYCHOLOGY SYNDROME.

Below is one recipe for a Murg Makhani dish - A traditional butter chicken recipe.


2 tbsp of pastured, grass-fed butter

About 1 kg chicken cut into chunks

2 tsp garam masala

2 tsp paprika

2 tsp ground coriander

1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

1/4 tsp chili powder (adjust to taste)

1 cinnamon stick

6 bruised cardamon pods

1 can of tomato puree

3/4 cup coconut milk

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice;


Heat a pan, add the first 2 tbsp of butter and stir-fry the chicken chunks.

You can cook them in 2 batches if your pan is too small.

Remove the chicken from the pan.

Put the second 2 tbsp of butter and slowly heat the spices for a minute or two until you can smell the aroma.

Put the chicken back in the pan and stir so you mix in all the spices with the chicken.

At this point, add the tomatoes and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Stir from time to time.

Add the coconut milk and lemon juice and let it simmer for another 5 minutes.

Enjoy without guilt!

Garnish with fresh herbs and a stick of cinnamon for extra fanciness points.

The best way to always be prepared for recipes that rely heavily on spices like butter chicken is to buy a good assortment of spice all at once.

It will seem to cost you a arm and a leg, but it should last almost forever and you’ll never be angry because the recipe calls for that one special spice you happen not to have.

Don’t be scared also to play with it and change the spices used and their quantities.

Cooking should never be rigid and should always make place for experimentation and tweaks.


I reckon we should start our own online cooking show Six!

The Six&Source Show!!!




Amazing bro. You have so much knowledge that I can learn from. Micro- biz sounds very interesting, something I could definitely see me doing. For me money isn't everything, helping is more important and to be happy do so!!!

Many layers of your onion bro.

The Six&Source show....love it



I'm hearing you bro - Money isnt EVERYTHING to me either...but when we dont have it, we REALLY feel it.

I've been homeless before...a few times actually, when I was younger...but just recently as well.

Two years ago, due to some poor financial decisions on my part - Me and the dog ended up on the streets.

I realised then that Im using my 'mind powers' for all the wrong things.

I have a lot to offer the world, we all do, and business rule 101 states, when we create a service or good that benefits that world, and our pocket...thats good business, in fact thats the BEST type of business - conscious and sustainable financial independence and freedom.

I do agree that the love of money is the root of all evil in our society.

But, you know what...I still have my billion dollar, and trillion dollar aspirations...and I am gonna work hard and smart, and do my best to bring these aspirations into fruition!

Because, I believe that too many people have so much money i.e. The Kardashians, and yet they are still munted in the head - I'm gonna show the world that we can use all our assets - our finances and our intelligence - to improve the world.

But the fact of the matter is...we need money to pay for wages, and capital etc etc etc...to set a thriving business up, I need a healthy cash flow.

I do have big dreams and goals...and I am as ready as I will ever be...so I am just gonna have to get on with it now!

I do want to live a comfortable life, and truth be told I do have some rather expensive tastes!

And, I deserve to have those things...as well as all the rest, the simplicity found in the happiness of being with my dog as we walk in the park...enjoying and sharing a good meal with friends.

I want it all..and even though we cant actually have it ALL...I am gonna do my best to go out and get my slice of happiness and prosperity and health and peacefulness now!

If you have any questions re: GAPS diet, let me know...these recipes may also be really beneficial for your son too, bro.

Look it up!

And, if you do wanna get set up as a micro-businessman...thats easy.

Any questions about that...fire away!

Many layers of the onion in deed...and like you bro, I still cry when slicing onions too!

I love onion - I can eat them raw, and not just the 'sweet'ones - red/spanish etc - but just ya' standard old onion.

Get that from my Grandad.

He had many weird eating habits.

Whats the weirdest thing that you've eaten?

...whats ya' next recipe?...

MuchLove bro!.

pasta arrabiata

But firstly.....traditional Italian nap sauce


Tinned whole peeled tomatoes 1 tin (roma)

Fresh basil 1 stalk




Put the tinned tomatoes in a pot and bring to a simmer. Cook for a few minutes then mash it with an old school potato masher. Not to much, you still want a few chunks. Put it back on the stove and place in the fresh basil uncut stalk and all. Do not mix it. When the basil is a blackish colour talk it out. Basil will go bitter if left in anything to long....over night etc. Now for the tasting and adding salt and sugar. Taste it first....how sweet is it? ....how acidic is it? Use a little of each until the sauce feels good on your tonge....this is trail and error but always add less than more. You can always add more but never take it out. Your taste buds will tell you whats right. Trust them.

This is a base sauce for a lot of Italian dishes.

Now Arrabiata....


Chilli flakes to taste

Crushed garlic to taste


Nap sauce

Olive oil


Cook your pasta and cool it down, doesn't matter what kind. Toss it with some oil. Get a nonstick fry pan and heat up a little oil.....toss in the chilli flakes and almost burn them, then add the garlic quick fry off. Add the nap sauce and pasta. heat and eat.

Traditional is always easy and delicious.

Happy cooking

Six is cooking now

Hey bro,

Camel and possum....we had to at tafe.

Some animals just shouldn't be eaten.

Peace out brussel sprout


Never tried possum or camel...and now, I really dont wanna...and you cant make me.




Have you ever had Thai Fish...with maggots?

I have, its a delicacy.

Not my type of delicacy though!

Deep fried cocoroaches in Cambodia.

Crunchy and weird...though super-high in protein.

Super weird.

We have a dessert treat in NZ - A Maori dessert...Rotten Maize.

Rotting corn.

Smells so bad, as you can imagine - and even writing about it...makes me wanna spew.

Grandparents loved it with cream.

So gross!!!


Your Arabiata sounds good though!

I like that you make from scratch...I know that you are a Chef, but some Chefs can still be blinkn lazy-pigs!

I like from scratch too...its the best way!

Hi foodies,

Evaluation in reverse

Here is thought about the future of food................

Eventually we will run out of land, human population is growing at a rapid rate, every 3 seconds 2 people are born and 1 dies. Due to amazing medical research and technology humans will live even longer. More and more land is being used as human habitats. Which eventually will leave us with nothing but houses. What will we eat in the future? People think bugs are gross....right? but they are high in protein. Now.....I'm not saying go and eat a bug. Grosssss. The irony is human habitats invite bugs. Lots of places to hide, they feed off our garbage etc etc. So we are in fact........ farming bugs for our future. The earth has already almost run out of rice farming land.

The price of rice will explode shortly. Someone is introducing fake plastic rice so be very careful when buying rice. Google it " global rice shortage" "fake plastic rice"

I'm not trying to cause panic, its going to take a long time for this to happen, not over night.

Food for thought.............bugs


Nice bro!

Bugs are the way to go - but as mentioned, Ive had them deep fried, and that is an acquired taste.

Though millions and millions of people all over the world eat them everyday!

I feel that the best way is to grind the dried bugs down, into a powder...like a protein powder, a bug-protein powder, and then use it in that way.

You still get the awesome protein without getting bug claws caught in ya teeth!

But, that wont actually take care of the need for carb staples i.e. rice, potatoes etc - as you mentioned, rice farming land, in fact a lot of the farmable-land that we have on the earth is swiftly becoming un-farmable.

I feel that looking at sustainable farming options is the best way to go - we all need to encourage people to start growing their own vegies again...if more people used their backyard, or front yard, doesnt actually have to be the biggest plot at all...to create a vegie plot for themselves, we wouldnt need Monsanto to be ruling the world with as much of the evil non-food, that they pump out.

Also, bamboo - is easy to grow...in most countries, and baby bamboo shoots can be used like a carb, like rice etc - theyre edible and taste good, and high in good fibre!

Also, we need to address this from a legislation point of view as well - more equality and equity for the support of local farmers, rather than buying cheap foods from some far off country...we must get back to eating foods that are locally grown...its better for us, literally, and better for the local economy.

If our govts showed a little more respect for our local farmers, and made things better for them...local foods etc, wouldnt have to be so expensive!

We would have a stronger localised market.

But...the 'bottom-line' is that governments make big coin from supporting foreign big business...which sux big time!

So, local communities must become more proactive in supporting their local farmers and growers.

Eat well.

Be wise.

Go with health.

Be happy.



Also remember that edible bugs like - cockroaches and crickets, are just germ-carriers, as in...as they fly and move around, they pick up the germs...and carry them around.

The real nasty germ carriers...are actually humans, its because of humans that these bugs carry germs that keep on mutating!

But, as you'd know being a Chef - when foods are deep fried, all germs are fried with them!

But more-so, these bugs would be farmed in a sanitised and sustainable bug-farm.

So no germs - in fact they wouldnt be fried, they would be steamed...then used for foodstuff.

In fact, we would use so much less land - in the space of one home, used as a bug-farm...we could literally 'feed' the whole world!

Govts already know this, but they know that they wouldnt make as much money from this as they do with all the other stuff that they import!

...food for thought, indeed!...

Spot on bro,

I have a difficult time understanding politics, to me common sense is the best way. The world would still rotate around the sun without big business, the global economy etc etc. I like the abroginal way of life was spot on. They surived living the same way for 60 odd million years. Respected the land, farmed and moved around to eat only seasonal food. Had networking infrastructure...the works.

We obviously can't reverse evaluation to that extent. I love the vegie garden idea...I have a good one on the farm. Teaching people to garden is a great idea too. The whole picture...when to plant, seasonal varieties suitable for climates, a rotation system so the yeild is always available, what grows best in what soil, soil testing and completely organic/pesticide free. GMO free.

Another cooking technique very useful for having organic veg all year in places where the climate is to extreme is called ...sous vide..... Cryovac....... When done right can last 3 years at -18. The whole technique of cook chill Cryovac is use all over the hospitality industry, especially hospital, aged care etc etc. But they use it for mass production and shipping. Its extremely safe and easy to heat and serve. Oxygen kills slowly....remove that from the product and the life is extended by weeks, years when frozen. A complete holistic approach to teaching sustainability.

I use a mortar and pestle for my crickets. They sqeal a bit and are good with a bit of star anise, chilli, galangal, tamarind and fresh coconut. Nah just jokes.

Fresh is best

Hug and dog, doesn't matter who's, just don't eat it,