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What If Future You Met Young You.What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

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Here's a topic to cheer you up. Think about this. If future you met young you,what advice would you give yourself? Its a back to the future situation.Have you seen those ads where you from the future tries to help younger you? Thats what my thread is all about. Think of all the things you have learnt throughout your life so far.What advice could you give yourself so you could give yourself the best quality of life?

Please share you thoughts.

Regards Denv12.

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l wanted to do so many things , and l did , think l've done just about every dream l had.

But if l could tell me back then something , it'd be don't bother , go for a nice long boring simple life forget the bs,

l've met older people that have lived in the one little town all their life some even in the house they grew up in or been married to the one person 60yrs , they couldn't imagine my life , but then l couldn't theirs either. Yet l think l'd have preferred it now. They always seem to be at peace , l'd love to know that peace.


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Don't trust those people they are not your friends. They are the kind of people who will cut off your legs and then ask why you can't run.

Don't trust your family they are not here to help you. They will blame you for things that are outside of your control.

Your mum is a sadistic crazy cow, don't expect anything from her except disappointment.

Drop out of school at year 10, don't bother going all the way to year 12. It is a waste of time. Also if you stay in school it will greatly contribute to your mental health problems.

Also things will get better and you are much stronger and smarter then you realise. Someday you will realise that the people who gave you such a hard time growing up, aren't as good as they think they are. For now though, just keep going. No matter how hard it gets.

And ahh yessa , l also would've told me to get into real estate the way l'd wanted to but just didn't, too many other things going on. lt's really the only thing l didn't do , but looking back later l think it actually should've been the one thing l did do. rx

Speak of the devil started back at work today.

Which in my case today was 3 or 4 hrs on the computer today sorting things out first of all. But it feels bad, l don't feel like it or up to it , or like facing another new yr. l do have a modified new strategy for this one though and if l can get the stuff it should mean l work even less , but there is a touch more stress involved as a trade off, nothings bloody free in this life is it eh.


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Dear past Mudcakes,

You will go through some really bad things. But know you are not weird nor strange. You are beautiful and smart. Tall is a good thing you can reach the high shelves at the supermarket. You may figure things out about yourself which you never thought would cross your mind but really it was there all along and it’s a great thing. You will almost fall in love in year 6-7 but he will break your heart and later that year you will meet a beautiful soul in which makes you realise love is not just found in guys for you but girls are also where love can be found. It will be a confusing time but will open many feelings that may feel strange but soon to be found to be beautiful. You will lose one sweet little barker and that will break your heart into nothing, yet you won’t know if she’s even gone. You may never know. Karma for those who hurt you will come to the surface and you will find your dream passion/ job in screenwriting which you are extremely talented in. One year will change for the world in which it will bring upon many losses. Things you’ve seen in movies dear Mudcakes. Wear your mask and stay home. Hug your Mum and Dog. And please don’t become friends what that girl who likes the same show as you. That will become a nightmare. Let that sweet loud guy in, he will be the best-friend you’ve ever had. It may take a while to find your place in the world but trust me younger self, you will find it. It’s already inside of you. Just waiting to be found. With the love I give to others, here is my love for you. For me. All the best,

Mudcakes(who know who I am) 😂

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Keep things simple.

Be honest with yourself. Face fears when they first show up, or they will keep following you.

Appreciate those who are wiser than you, but there’s no need to feel intimidated or compare yourself with others. Learn from them (instead of telling yourself you’re not good enough).

Always have clean litter trays available to your cats.

Wow. This is deep 🙂

Ha ha ha , especially the litter trays. !!!!

But nahh, if l wanted to go into the many other aspects of living and looking back , shoulds and shouldn'ts , right now it'd do my head in. rx.

Community Member
If l could do it all again l would have had more faith in myself. Trusted my intuition more and said no more. I would not have tried to please everyone all the time.
I married too young to know my own mind, but the result was three beautiful children who l love so much and they love me.
I guess you can't change the past only learn from it.

Tbh honest , l kept it very very simple l keep most things l get involved in here just down to the very basics. lt's not that l don't see or hear the things l read about on bb or comment on , l see more than most. But l just don't have the spare mental capacity to get too involved and so l mentioned one or two biggies here and left it.

Truth is though, there's so many things l'd say, change , would or wouldn't do , l'd be here all night , and l'd just feel like total shit later to boot bc of it. l am where l am now and so be it , now, l'm just hoping l can salvage what's left into some peace and happiness bc without those , what's the point.