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What content do you consume?

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Hope this is the right place for this post.


Lately I've noticed reading the news and social media increases my anxiety, so I've made the conscious decision to not really read either of them. 


News is a funny one, because I like being up to date but it always bad news or something overly sensationalised. 


I gave "good news" websites a go but didn't find it overly interesting.


Now my struggle is filling in my downtime. I'm playing a lot of mindless mobile games and that's about it.


So, wondering what others do?

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Hi Whatsinaname,


You have made a good decision in my opinion. I have not read a newspaper or watched the news in more years than I can count. The way media is set up is designed to keep the population in a state of fear and uncertainty which makes the population more controllable. I would suggest filling your time with learning something new, reading, a hobby, a sport, listening to your favorite music. Create a bucket list of things you have always wanted to try, and start ticking them off. It will be a much more enjoyable way to spend your time and reduce anxiety in the process.


Hope that helps.

take care,


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Hi Whatsinaname, 


I absolutely get it…


I do watch some news on the non commercial tv channels but, that’s it for news. It just makes me cry mainly in sheer horror and frustration about the World.


At the end of a stressful day, I need something light and funny. I need something mindless at times like MasterChef just for the sake of it. 

I have switched between YouTube and admittedly Instagram for content. I try not to get obsessed with it and I am selective about what I follow. I am now understanding algorithms as videos pop in that may interest me.


On the weekend I watch a little bit of A League football, not AFL though and occasionally even NRL. Even before the Women’s Football World Cup I loved women’s football but I don’t have any pay TV, so settle for the free to air. 

On Insta I do enjoy the good news stuff from around the World, but it’s not enough to take my mind off Gaza and the genocide that is happening right now. 

Our World is such a contradiction. I am watching cooking and quiz shows like Mastermind while others are sheltering from bombs.


It’s no wonder why I too get lost in online scrabble games at times like these. Peace Fiatlux 🙏🏼

Thank you both for the suggestions.


I potentially should have pointed out I generally do this at work 😂. At home I have 2 small kids and wife to entertain me, we tend to watch some absolutely terrible reality tv after the kids go to bed.


I recently deactivated my personal Facebook as I couldn't stop judging my life against everyone else's. I know Facebook is only the highlight reel, but I do the same for strangers in public so it doesn't help me much 🙄.


I've been really enjoying meditation so I'm trying to work out how to incorporate something like that as background noise at work. But all I find is very intense people telling me to face my fears and all will be okay or really old recordings of people talking about stuff I don't yet understand.


Instagram is something I've never really gotten into, I do fall prey to a lot of doom scrolling on tiktok but that has been deleted too.

That’s great…


I still haven’t watched an episode of Bluey, but I think I might get into it now.


So, who’s winning on Farmer Wants A Insta Wife. 😄

I've seen every episode of Bluey. Really well written for a kids show. Does make me envious of how great of a dad Bandit is, but I also realise it's a cartoon dog that rarely seems to work.


No farmer wants a wife yet, thankfully, we are currently watching a show called the circle

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Community Champion

Hello Dear Whatsinaname,


Like a lot of other people, I haven’t watched the news or read a newspaper in a lot of years…I have been told that I am very unaware of what’s happening in our world….To keep myself safe I have created my own little safe world….Eventually I find out what’s happening because my workmates generally make it the topic of conversation at morning tea and lunch…if it get to much for me, I’ll move away…


I am not a fan of tv at all….I do like the game shows though…Tipping Point, The Chase, Deal or no deal….Definately not the reality tv shows…..I have an app on my phone called “Tubi” it’s a free movie app, I can pick out what I want to watch….Even though I’m late 60’s in age I like to watch family movies along with Faith movies….these genres are mostly non violent and have a good feel about them….


I do play word puzzle games on my iPad…they make me use my brain to sort things out…another thing I like to do…is go on YouTube and watch my favourite bands performing live…as well as search YouTube for the things I’m interested in…


My son told me that you can buy a simple gadget I think it’s called google chrome cast around (80$)…that lets you watch YouTube,Tubi etc. through your tv….I haven’t bought it as yet…but will soon….


Kind thoughts Dear Whatsinaname..


Hi G,


You're son is spot on with a chrome cast, or you can get a smart tv that has it all built in now.


I find myself needing to do similar at work, there is some topics that I just really don't want to think about at times of high sensitivity. 


Word games are also really good, although I seem to be somewhat addicted to a kiddy game where you gather resources and build things. I think I like the aspect of being in full control a little to much 😆


I find myself reading reddit a lot, not sure that's a good idea or not sometimes too.

Hi everyone and yes, thank God and the unions that it’s Friday,


I love the idea of Chrome Cast. 

We have 3 very large flat screen televisions that we can’t or don’t watch. They work perfectly well but are not smart enough to receive all channels let alone connect to wifi. I can’t give them away for free as they’re pretty useless now.


My husband won a giant 3D television possibly about 10 years ago. This works perfectly except that it too isn’t smart enough so we don’t have Netflix or anything. Until this blows up we’re not getting a new one. I can get abc iview for anything that I may want to watch.


I am certainly going to watch Eurovision on SBS this year. When we were younger, we used to watch Eurovision bits and pieces that SBS would show, for a bit of a laugh. Even my parents laughed at the often hilarious performances. I think since Australia has been allowed to join, it has gotten better and I take it seriously now. Go Electric Fields! They’re Deadly!

Other than that I am going to enjoy A League football that’s free to air.


I am going to try to stay off Instagram as I fear I will get into an online fight with someone. Arguing with anyone online is another sign of madness 🤪


Have a good weekend everyone. Fiatlux 🙏🏼

yeah fighting on the internet will never end well, there is no winning.


chrome cast's are exactly what you need by the sound of it. Cheaper than a TV and certainly do the job. If you're not great with technology definitely get someone to help as they can be a bit of a pain to set up, well used to be when I last used one but might have gotten better.


Hope you have a good weekend too!