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The poetry corner - post your poems in here

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

This is a thread for sharing your creative works. 

Please bear in mind our community rules before submitting your work.  

This thread is located in the BB Social Zone, so the primary purpose here is entertainment.

We will not publish poems containing dark or disturbing content, including themes of suicide, self-harm, death, dying, abuse or other forms of trauma.

Thanks for your understanding. 


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Thank you mmMekitty. It's always interesting to hear others stories and perspectives.

I will definitely have a look at your poems so thank you for letting me know about them. 🙂

Community Member

Addicted to boredom
Looking for more in all the wrong places
Seeking something divine
In the darkest shades of complacency

Enslaved by apathy
Lethargy in every step in our cages
Seeking escape without any urgency
In the corner a rage persists

We’re all just melancholy marionettes of pandemonium
Strung out on boredom, apathy and Valium
Lead by the powers that be, the hands that feed
Jangled walks, entangled necks choking

Screaming to cut these strings

Relying on Valium
Sleeping soundly in all our nightmares
Seeking dreams bereft of agony
High on depression, sin and death

We’re all just melancholy marionettes of pandemonium
Strung out on boredom, apathy and Valium
Dragged to dance when the hands insist, no protest
To the doldrums we crash as their applause echoes

Resonating, cut these strings

Looked down upon in vicious enjoyment
As we struggle to keep our feet on the ground
We flail in fear
In boredom
In apathy
In addiction

Can we dare change if we ever dare to choose?
Slap the hands away and use our strings as a noose
Can we dare change if we ever dare to choose?
Slap the hands away, what have we got to lose?

Cut these strings.

Community Member

My heart is like a static lake
Neither affected by drought or by rain
A stale surface, a dirty mirror
Absent of reflections
No ripples, no currents, no forms of life
No skimming stones
Warning signs and darkness lurking

My heart is like a static lake
A perpetual stasis, void of disturbance
Then you came along
Looking long and deep, into the depths
One foot in
Checking the temperature and safety
Before picking up rocks
Before diving in, causing so much chaos

My heart is like a static lake
Ignored and abandoned for years
Dynamics changed by one person
Ecosystem in shock
A broken surface
A splash of emotions, gently wading
All the mud unsettled
Swirling in all manner of directions

My heart is like a static lake
Drastically changed by your sudden actions
Trying to remain placid and unchanged
Even long after you stopped swimming…


Deep, effective, descriptive... thankyou for posting.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hearken back to days of old,

A time gone by, how spirits fold,

Hungrier sure, yet still be sold,

That time's worth less than silver and gold

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Bob,

Thoughtful little poem, I like it very much. I will think about what it says to me.


For now, I have this one I wrote this evening.


*     Polly


Pecking crackers,

Pretty Polly, perches,

Prattling, parroting curses,

The perfect panacea:

Pollyanna, in a cage.




July 14 2022  


Community Champion
Community Champion

Etched in past with minds too weak,

Wiser now so life's not bleak,

What I'd give for another week,

What lingers on with whispers speak