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The poetry corner - post your poems in here

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Hi everyone,

This is a thread for sharing your creative works. 

Please bear in mind our community rules before submitting your work.  

This thread is located in the BB Social Zone, so the primary purpose here is entertainment.

We will not publish poems containing dark or disturbing content, including themes of suicide, self-harm, death, dying, abuse or other forms of trauma.

Thanks for your understanding. 


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The male black widow spider

tried all his life

he tried to tickle the hairy legs

of his much larger black widow wife

Then finally he had a win

something at last to gloat

she began to laugh aloud

as his leg slid down her throat

Poor male black widow

was always going to get into strife

all because he didnt understand

the nature of his hairy wife....



It takes a special kind of man to sense the hurt and grief

unlike other 'mates' smiling in the street

They beat their chests all day and never see the harm

conquer another nameless lady- then return to farm

No wonder we men grieve, beside us an empty seat

few mates get to know us nor take the time to greet

You took the time to trust, you took the time to ask

it wasnt easy for me to admit...I couldnt do the task

You saw the black clouds dancing just above my head

tinted it grey then blew it away by using care instead

It takes a certain kind of doctor to sense the hurt, the harm, the grief

thankyou for not being like all the others....that smile in the street....


Hairy wife? LOL

thanks Struggler. lol

one more and I'll go away for a while.


It was when I worked for Testra I had a bit to say

after I entered a porta potti on this bright and sunny day

It was the type on two wheels for workers where they'd moan

and I decided during this time to write a simple poem

"Upon the dunny seat where I do my bit...an interesting episode of where my botty sits"

Well this dunny on a trailer was towed by a fellow mate

And off he drove to the shop and mi' mouth was just agape

With mi' undies at mi' ankles and the seat wrapped around mi' neck

I tried to keep my tender butt from sliding off the deck

The slop began to lick my bott, sloshing from side to side

I begged and screamed for him to stop so I could restore my pride

"Upon this dunny seat where I so my bit...an interesting episode of where my botty sits.....


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Everyone,

This is the last verse of one of my favourite poems "Teddy Bear" written by A.A.Milne (yep, author of Winnie the Pooh). You can read the entire poem online.

A bear, however hard he tries,

Grows tubby without exercise.

Our Teddy Bear is short and fat,

Which is not to be wondered at.

But do you think it worries him

To know that he is far from slim?

No, just the other way about -

He's proud of being short and stout.

...We always seem to want what we don't have, but this one reminds me that sometimes what we have is more than we could ever dream we would.


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Me likes short and stout :=)

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Blue Voices Member
A score ago I met a girl who said I love you
So I took her to the church,  and there we said I do
4 children I gave her
but she said see you later
And my world has gone down the loo

It's not just my heart, but my spirit is broken
My eyes filled tears, and I'm coughin' -n- chokin'
I cannot get dressed
'cause I'm feeling depressed
All hope is lost. My demon has woken

For the demon poisons my mind, fills it full with despair
He even tries to make me take my life from the air
but I shall not be dead
there's no reason to dread
My friends at BB save me; each one of them; they care 🙂


I used to tell my youngest one

that if she chose I not be gone

that if she needed me in USA

I'd start to swim if I could not pay.

Toy soldiers marched across the floor

fairies carried out their chores

Barbies combed and shaped their hair

little girl asleep so she not aware

And then the years came and went

and all my cash on support was spent

then thousands passed through my fingers bare

for her dentistry but I did not care

As a dad with love dripping from his cheeks

"I'm here for you - whenever you seek"

then she came and made me smile

that wait was worth my while

Toy soldier rusty no longer marched

Barbies hair old and somewhat parched

young woman now lies in bed awake

echoes of words bad so she hesitates

Pride remains and its does so strong

Dignity chained where it did belong

Still if she needed me in the US of A

I'd start swimming ....if I could not pay....