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The BB cafe

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

The BB cafe is open for business!
Welcome all to a new chill and chat place for everyone on the forum.

The BB cafe is whatever you want it to be. There are comfy sofas, tables and chairs, coffee machines, a kitchen stocked with everything. There's a pool outside, a bbq area, an annexe with comfy beds for a quiet sleep, tv, dvd, books and whatever else you would like to have here.

Most of all, it's a place to meet friends and fellow travellers for a bit of company. Talk over problems, tell jokes, share your day, escape into a world of your making. Grab a coffee and pull up a chair ... 

So, with a nod to the wonderful Carole King (Hard Rock Cafe) ...

Now if you're feeling just a little bit lonely
Don't sit at home just mopin'
Come on down to where the friendship flows freely
You know the door is always open

At the BB cafe
Come to the BB cafe
They will help keep your blues at bay
At the BB cafe

Important Message from ModSupport: 
The main intention of the BB Cafe is to encourage light conversation. Please look after your fellow community members by nuturing the BB Cafe as a place to escape some of the more pressing issues in life and save those conversations for personal threads. 

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Community Member

Good morning Kazzl,

just popping in to check out the new place! What a great idea!

Hope you're doing ok.

Big hugs, Yggy x

Community Member

Hey Kaz, Raining out side here so how about having a coffee with me? I'll have a short black thanks!!  or on the other hand can I make you one? so what will you have?? Ahhh i remember many cafe's like this one, met up with so many people and talked about heaps of stuff…After coffee we would go see a movie play video games etc it was great anyway you know what goes on at these cafe's.

How was yesterday for you mate are you feeling like you ate to much? I know I am.

Hey Kaz thanks for the coffee and the chat It's stopped raining for the moment I've gotta go and check my animals there may be a new lamb or two or three so thanks for the coffee and chat I'll catch up with you soon, have you seen Shelley,sherrie yet today? if not bet they drop in later to say hi.

Have a good one.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hiya Yggy! Hugs to you too hun, and welcome to the cafe. What would you like? At the moment I've got a coffee and leftover Christmas dessert with cream - for breakfast! 

I love Boxing Day. It's always been the rule in my house that Boxing Day is cook's (ie me) day off. People can eat and drink anything anytime but they have to get it themselves. 

Meanwhile, I watch the cricket and Sydney to Hobart, well, I doze in front of them anyways. This year though, I'll also be hanging out here at the cafe.

So, how was Christmas hun, and what are you up to today?


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hiya Wayne! Lovely to see you mate! 

Oh yes, I overindulged yesterday, but that won't stop me today - so many leftovers, so little Boxing Day. 🙂

New lambs, wow that must be exciting ... do report back. I'll have a short black waiting for you (good thing about imaginary cafes is the coffee never goes cold!)


Community Member

Hi everyone.  Just thought I pop in very quickly and check the joint out.  Cant stay now, but I will be back later.  I see I have some friends here whom I know from elsewhere.  Good to see you again Iggy and Wayne.  I have just recommended a new friend about your new Cafe Kazzl, and I hope Elizabeth may pop in later.  If you see her can you please tell her that I'm glad she made it, and give her a big welcome from me.

Okay gotta go, but catch you all later.

Sherie xxx

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hiya Sherie - thanks for the visit and I'll catch up with you later. Elizabeth if you're reading, come on in. Coffee's hot and the toast is brown ...

Community Member

Hi Kaz & everyone else,

 sounds like the right thing to do for boxing day - just chill out and enjoy the quiet day!

I really love to have some dessert for brekkie. I enjoy having a late brekkie and something special over the holidays. And a long black would be nice with it. I can also chip in with some German Christmas Stollen (cake) and lovely vanilla custard.

 I have been busy freezing veggies this morning - the last lot is on the cooker now, blanching, bagging, freezing - harvest does not stop over xmas. But I enjoy not having the normal day challenges to juggle at the same time. 

We had a very quiet xmas day, the first one ever with just the two of us. Today we are heading out to see friends. It will be a very busy afternoon - it is a large family. I am trying to centre myself now and will probably go for a walk when it gets too much for me. But I am looking forward to see everyone. 

 Wayne, did you get any lambs? I always loved seeing new born lambs,  the last our mother sheep had, was triplets! That was exciting and hard work. How many sheep do you have?

I might come back later tonight and see who has been visiting during the day.

Enjoy your boxinn day, the cricket & the sailing, Yggy x

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Wow, I'm envious of your veggie garden yggy. I'm looking forward to putting one in when we finally get control of the bamboo-ridden gravel pit that is our backyard. Catch you later hun.

I just googled the song that's made number one in Britain for Christmas. It's a blend of Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Coldplay's Fix You - performed by a choir of nurses, doctors and other health workers from the National Health Service. It beat Justin Bieber to number one and it's absolutely beautiful. And the video clip is guaranteed to bring a few tears. Not sure if I can post links, but it is truly worth googling.

Well, after a glorious early morning here it's now thunder, lightening and bucketing down. My fella's out on his motorbike - hope he's safe. He'll probably turn up soon bedraggled and soaked.



Well what a time to choose to give up caffeine!

But who can say no to a comfy chair? Not me that's for sure. 

We had a nice a Christmas, so much left over food and some lovely gifts. Boxing Day always feels a little strange, you've been waiting for something for so long and now it's over. 

Im avoiding things that might make me cry Kazzl so I'd better not look up that song, it's probably set off the waterworks. Sounds beautiful though. It's going to be about 27 here today with a little breeze. Perfect I think. But we're looking at a run in the mid to high 30s next week which I'm not looking forward to. Send us some of your rain!