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I made this thread to have a chat about any sport we play!

My two big ones are footy and surfing. I play footy at a state level and train numerous times a week, as well as going out for a surf whenever I can.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Jackson, great idea for a thread and with sport (exercise) being so important to your mental health, this should see a long standing thread.

Played cricket for 30 years or so but no more, shoulder is cooked plus my lad is now playing sport so help him out.

I run heaps and that would be my main sport now although not competatively, still love it and going to start training for my next marathon as soon as the hammy mends!!


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Blue Voices Member

Great social thread idea. Great motivation too.

I competed in my first triathlon (tri) this year and I am now going to continue competing. I am only an amateur and do it for fun, but I enjoy it and it helps keep me fit. I also like riding my bike ones a week with one of my tri friends. We do this along the Brisbane river loop and usually end up at a cafe at the end. I just signed up to do 5 tri over summer and in the new year I am going to be doing an olympic length tri. I'm super nervous but excited for the challenge

I also really love netball. I used to play as a teenager but don't play anymore. I watch the Suncorp super netball every weekend on the TV. I was super happy when my teem Sunshine Coast Lightning one.

Wow!! Busy people!

I also like bike riding! 🙂

Sports are great! there are so many

going through school i use to play netball, soccer and touch footy and ride horses.

i only horse ride now and bike ride but just for fun:)

That's cool

anybody here ski or snowboard

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Blue Voices Member

Would love to go snowboarding but havent as yet.

Something on list for sure.

Looks awesome fun.

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I play soccer, and so does my BF, so if I'm not playing I'm on the sidelines supporting him! 🙂