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Smallwolf's Den

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I have one thread that is my story. I have created one other thread that is a never ending story with a post appearing at random times. I thought about things that I had in games I played and one thing that came to mind was a home. I post replies to other's stories and at the end of the day go to bed. Sometimes there can be things I want to say that might not fit in my story or other threads.

So I decided to create this space where conversations might start and stop, change 180 degrees and go onto some some other tangent. You might have a question for me, or vice versa. Perhaps a place to shout or just get away.. so welcome to my den....

A wolf's den... a home... a place of safety. I will describe this space in a future place.

If you are looking for a chat, a space to share, come in and sit down around a small fire with a tea or coffee to recharge, for connection (?), re-imagination or anything else.

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@AliasKind - It is a chapter meeting. I recently joined and is a way of getting to know other people and find out the goings on etc. Yes I do work, both in IT and Parish Admin. Good luck with the employment people. When looking for a job I would recommend using a professional resume service as it helps with using (inserting) words that sell you that you might not write yourself - there are plenty online.

@mb20lover - hello. hope you are well? I think that people respond because they want to. what have you been up to lately? or what brought you back?

I should describe this place a little (maybe)? Sounds that help me to relax are the following - rain, cavern, wind, forest sounds. I layer these together in relax melodies. In a game I once played there was a wolves den near a waterfall. Thirdly, the need for a space (for myself?) or a home where I could throw out random stuff that might not be exactly related to my story. Lastly, a place where if you wanted to contact me you could come here - to my home. And so I imagine this as a home, a cave that I took over, with all the sounds that relax me outside, and here inside I am warm and secure. I could so far to say there is no electricity and the only light is from a fire. My imagination has run wild again...

Hey smallwolf.

I'm trying my best, thank you. I just missed talking to people. I don't have any social stuff to do, I just have my Parents, Psychiatrist, GP & a Social Worker (whenever I can see her) as support, which yes, I'm thankful for. But what I'm trying to say is I don't have anything in my town that I can do or to meet people, even before COVID, so it's hard. That's why I thought about coming back, and to try and offer other people support, you included.

I haven't been up to much, just the usual walking daily, playing a word search game on my iPad aswell as the colour by numbers app, sometimes colouring in physical colouring books, stuff like that. So not much really. I recently turned 21 also at the start of November.

Those sound relaxing, thank you for the suggestion, and thank you for this thread. I appreciate it.

Hi to everyone else here.

- Tayla.

Hi Tayla, nice to 'meet' you. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for sharing what you've been up too.

Small Wolf I hired a professional career counsellor a few years ago who re-jigged my resume, I have a confidence crisis every time I think about work or career. Ughh

I love the sound and smell of rain also. So tranquil. Wishing everyone a wonderful day. 🙂

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@Tayla - Yes... belated happy birthday to you. Are you working at the moment? Or not able to do that at the moment (for any number of reasons)? I like listening to podcasts and recently have been listening to tales of people because of Covid or mental illness need a break.

@AliasKind - starting a new job etc is considered to be one of life's top 10 stressful activities. And it can be difficult when you read what they might be looking for in a person. As long as you are willing to learn, you also have your own skills and talents that you bring. The other thing is that a job advert might include all the desirable items to cover all bases. And lastly sometimes these can be included to see who has the guts to reply. Having said all of this... I also have these thoughts of "am I good enough" and worse.

Hello all.

AliasKind - thank you, nice to meet you aswell. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes also.

smallwolf - thank you for the belated birthday wishes also. No I'm not working, I've never had a job, I'm a failure, sigh. I have looked into things but I have no skills for anything. Plus I can't do a lot with my mental illnesses, even my GP & Psychiatrist said I'm limited, that and where I live (sort of a country town, but the biggest town is 30 mins away, with smaller towns in between of course). I've never listened to a Podcast, is there any way I can listen to them without making an account? It's like Audible, right? Except not a book, lol?

Take care all.

- Tayla.

Well that's my 'new' thing for today small wolf, thank you for adding some perspective. I must re-read your post every time .... every time I even contemplate the work situation.

I don't think your a failure Tayla, you write beautifully and it is obvious you have a kind and compassionate soul - there's more than a few people out there who don't have that. Who needs to have life figured out hey, I know I don't, just rolling with it.

I went to a Country Womens Association social morning today, my first meeting, so little bit proud of myself for finding the courage. Incorporating new takes commitment and a whole host of oomph, just have to keep on it.

Any riveting activities today for either of you (or anyone else?)

Thinking of you all x

Thank you for the kind words AliasKind, that means a lot.

CWA is a great organisation, I miss going to Biggest Morning Teas & stuff, I'd love to do something like that again one day. I'm not sure if there's any near me anyway.

Haven't done much today as usual, just went for my daily walks and went out to Bakers Delight and that was all.

- Tayla.

Well yay for getting out of the house and more than once - that's something.

Hope you have a good night

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Community Champion

nothing special for me today. Just another day in paradise *sarcasm alert*.

@Tayla - Walking is good for many reasons. Regarding podcasts - I downloaded installed "Pocket Casts" from Google play and then within the app, search for things that interest me. For example, Brene Brown, counselling, plus other random ones. Osher (the guy from The Bachelor) has a podcast that covers mental health issues. Beyond blue has one as well. I don't recall needing to use any account. And the player I use is free.

@AliasKind - tell me all about the CWA meeting? Did you have fun?

Hey again all.

AliasKind - thank you. I feel like I'm very housebound, before COVID too. I only go out for groceries or something with my parents, or walking daily, that's pretty much all, or to run errands such as check the pool water or something. Essential stuff really, pre COVID also like I said. My Psychiatrist is trying to get me to do what's called "graded exposure" because I have a social anxiety, or as he says, a phobia. I get extremely anxious around people. So one of the things he, and my Dad too, want me to do is go into shops by myself, say like KFC, and order some food. I've been trying to do it more. I went into Chemist Warehouse the other day & looked around & paid on my own. I know this sounds silly as I'm 21 and should be driving myself around & doing this anyway but I have a LOT of anxiety, etc. so what may sound easy, is not. I'm trying to get better at it but I still get very anxious. I've been into places to order food and people have been rude & laughed at me just because I said the name of the food I wanted wrong or something, sigh.

smallwolf - yes walking can be good. Thanks for telling me about the Podcasts. I've been meaning to watch a video I think that was on Instagram Live, with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam (I've always liked Pearl Jam but I'm listening to them more lately), discussing mental health. Their song Jeremy is a true story & touches on that.

- Tayla.