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Smallwolf's Den

Community Champion
Community Champion

I have one thread that is my story. I have created one other thread that is a never ending story with a post appearing at random times. I thought about things that I had in games I played and one thing that came to mind was a home. I post replies to other's stories and at the end of the day go to bed. Sometimes there can be things I want to say that might not fit in my story or other threads.

So I decided to create this space where conversations might start and stop, change 180 degrees and go onto some some other tangent. You might have a question for me, or vice versa. Perhaps a place to shout or just get away.. so welcome to my den....

A wolf's den... a home... a place of safety. I will describe this space in a future place.

If you are looking for a chat, a space to share, come in and sit down around a small fire with a tea or coffee to recharge, for connection (?), re-imagination or anything else.

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You be a spring chicken 🙂

Make me feel so old (just kidding)... but I am 30 years senior (just about)

Lets go back to the 80s for a min... used to play games that loaded from cassette and they would take upward of 20 min to load. My kids complain these days if the Internet is not fast enough.

do you watch much on youTube?

Haha, awesome.

Sometimes I watch Youtube or Facebook videos, depends if I'm in the mood or not. You?

YouTube. Not FB.

Music, cooking are the main things.


Oh okay. Yeah music usually if I watch it.