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Seeking any Groups of Male depression / anxiety sufferers that meet regularly

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I am 53 year old male that has battled with depression/ anxiety disorder for many years. I am very lucky to have great support from my wife - 3 daughters - all my family and close long term friends. I also have very good support from my various professional doctors.

I operated a very successful business for 20 years but I did close my business 3 years ago as I was unable to continue to operate same due to my condition.

I have my good and bad periods / but it is always a battle.

I am trying to formulate a plan for 2023 to help me deal better with my situation and was looking to see if there are any support groups of men around my age that meet regularly (say once a month) to discuss their issues.

I live in Queensland.

I would really appreciate to know if these types of groups do exist and if someone could point me in contact with such groups if they exist.


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Hi op

But yeah you certainly are very very lucky having your family and friends , so many don't and have to cope and go through things alone.

ldk if there are groups like that , l'm in Vic but yeah , l think it would be a huge help to me and probably many others too.

Can you let us know if you do find something.



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Community Champion

Hi CECA0001,


Thanks for your post and I'm glad to hear that you're creating a plan for 2023.  Sounds like a great idea.


Here are some things I found, hopefully you'll find them helpful:


https://mensshed.org/  - Have heard great things about this one even though it's not specific to any sort of mental illness, just a friendly gathering


Some other organisations:










Hope this helps!  





I was thinking of Men's Sheds, too! Thanks rt. I could be wrong, but I thought the Men's Shed was started as aplace for men to share & talk with other men, while doing some hands-on activities, like car maintenance or woodworking, in a friendly, non-judgemental, non-threatening environment.

Sounds so good, makes me wish I could join! (But I don't think my furry cuteness would fool anyone).

I'm pleased you found some resources people can check out.


Hi mmMekitty,


That's right!  I clarified that on my post; it's just a friendly gathering.  One of the guys I know who goes to the mens shed says so many of them struggle with grief, anxiety, depression, burnout - you name it!   They do all sorts of activities; the last one they did was a bunnings bbq.  

Thought it might be worth mentioning as a bit of a gateway to a social thing.


I'll keep my eye out for cats sheds? 😆