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Quotes that I like

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I couldn't think of a more creative name for this thread so I kept it simple. I love coming across quotes that make me feel good or make me think about a situation in a different light. I have a "little book of confidence" that I used to carry in my handbag for when i needed it and I have a few other little books with quotes that I reflect on now and then

I thought it would be good to share some and encourage others to do the same.

For starters I have:

If you want to know someone's mind, listen to their words. If you want to know their heart, watch their actions.

People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.

cmf x

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Obstacles are those things that we encounter...on the way to our goals.

Patience... it's one of those things you have to wait for.

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The best apology is changed behaviour.

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Illness replace the i with we and illness becomes wellness.

white knight
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Community Champion

"I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations"

Two of my own..."worrying is non productive "

"The rich man gave the beggar a dollar...but the penny never drops"

Tony WK

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As I am now firmly in the "PTSD Growth" Phase of recovery, "The journey is the reward".

My journey has opened my eyes and educated me so much, I am thankful i went through what i did.

"whether you think you can.....or think you can't...you are right!"

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Blue Voices Member

you might feel worthless to one person, but you are priceless to another. Don't ever forget your value.

the ones who notice the storms in your eyes, the silence in your voice and the heaviness in your heart are the ones you need to let in.

In Japan, broken things are repaired with gold, the flaws seen as adding to the object's history and beauty. Just a really encouraging reminder to us: brokenness can become beauty.

\If One Created All......All Can Create One/