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Quotes that I like

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I couldn't think of a more creative name for this thread so I kept it simple. I love coming across quotes that make me feel good or make me think about a situation in a different light. I have a "little book of confidence" that I used to carry in my handbag for when i needed it and I have a few other little books with quotes that I reflect on now and then

I thought it would be good to share some and encourage others to do the same.

For starters I have:

If you want to know someone's mind, listen to their words. If you want to know their heart, watch their actions.

People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.

cmf x

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Beauty isn't about having pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, heart and soul.


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I've like the following quotes

"If people's words can knock you off balance, you need to check the foundation that you are built on"

"The truth is, no one really knows how much someone else is hurting, we could be standing right beside someone who is completely broken, and have no idea... be kind, always"

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

"I lost myself trying to please everyone else. Now I'm losing everyone while I'm finding myself."

"just remember that all the shit someone puts you through, sooner or later finds its way back to them."

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Two of my favourite quotes are

1: Stars can't shine with out the darkness

2: don't look to your past your not going that way

From Spider Robinson: "shared pain is lessened, and shared joy is increased".

Not sure if you are looking for a particular type of quote or not. This one I like because it reminds me of our responsibilities.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Mary (White Rose),

Nice one!

I LOVE that quote 😊

Dottie x

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Blue Voices Member

To be beautiful means to be yourself.

You don't need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself.

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Blue Voices Member
When all hope is lost, we can't help by hope that hope will return to us... and thus hope was never really gone.