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Musical Instruments: What Do You Play?

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How many members play an instrument? Or even more than one?

I play piano.Never learnt the old fashion way though.I found books that show the piano chords and which notes to press.Very simple.There are many websites that cater for that now.I keep a chord chart book at the piano at all times.I even joined songwriting forums too.I've got a few songwriting books. On a bad day I can sit at the piano and feel better after playing some music.Very therapeutic.

I used to play guitar.I eventually bought an electric guitar but steel strings arent a good thing for me.Sold the guitar and just went back to improving my piano playing skills.

If you want to learn an instrument look online for advice.Plenty of websites.Watch youtube videos too.Start with a basic instrument.If its a guitar or piano just with the basic ones as you can always upgrade later. Learn all you can.There are websites for guitar chords,sites for piano chords.

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Hi Denv and thanks for starting this new Social Zone thread. I'm surprised you havent had any responses as yet, as I know there are musical people here on the Forums. Perhaps they havent spotted your new thread yet.

Unfortunately I am very musically tone deaf, and I have no musical talent what-so-ever. I wish it were different, as it is something I would have loved to do as a kid and young teen.

I think I would have been around 8 or 10 years old when I had a neighbour who offered to teach me to play the piano. I was so excited! I went over to her place for a couple of lessons and learned how to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb". I was so pleased with myself. But unfortunately her family left not long afterward. So that was the end of my musical adventures.

At school I was always given the percussion instruments - eg usually the triangle, as you couldnt really do much harm with that.

But even now, and I am in my 50's, I still have this silly craving to learn the guitar. But I dont think I have the ability to be completely honest. I have no idea how to read music and just dont seem to have an ear for it. Cant even hold a tune when it comes to singing. I can belt out the National Anthem at a sports event though. (-:

Maybe I will look up those online youtube videos - just to see, and feed my curiosity. (-:

Taurus xx

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Blue Voices Member
Hi Denv I attempt to play the Ukulele and am getting there slowly. Just don't ask me to sing, unless you wish to listen to a banshee.

Piano, keys, bass, guitar, one I played cello for a while, and I can sing but I am too shy to do that.

Played in bands for a long time. Been to rock school. Will be returning to bands etc next year after the couple of years off, merely for the social and creative aspect.

Will be attending local gigs again as of immediately. I miss music.


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Blue Voices Member

I am a genius at air guitar and air drums....geez i wish i had of learnt an instrument when i was younger.

Been thinking of getting an acoustic guitar and starting though.

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Hi Denv,

I play guitar, bass, drums, and sing. been playing for 30yrs now. mostly into heavy metal, but love nearly all modern music. all time faves are GUNS N ROSES, METALLICA, MEGADETH, NO DOUBT, GARTH BROOKS, COLD CHISEL

Never too late to start, with guitar you could be playing songs in about 3 months. go for it.

I used to play the organ & folk guitar & sing. Used too!!

Lost the voice cause I stopped using it. Ditto the playing skills. Maybe one day I'll play again. But maybe not.

Strongly considering it HeavyMetalDad!

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Blue Voices Member

Hey Denv,

I have a strong passion for the piano. I started playing when I was about 3 years old just playing around on my borthers keyboard. He was taking lessons and I wanted to learn so badly, too. Mum made me teach myself a very easy beginners book by myself because she thought it was just a phase and didn't want to sign me up for lessons when I would loose interest in a couple of months anyway (my brother had only started playing a year at that point and was pretty much giving up and being bored by it). But I think she underestimated me a bit as I taught myself how to play the beginners songs in the book relatively quickly and was obsessed with playing. I was eventually allowed take lessons for the piano and I have played ever since. Playing the piano always allows me to kind of just forget everything around me. I just play... There is nothing else going on around me and everything gets blocked out when I get to sit at a piano. I totally understand when you say that it can make you feel better. Music can be such a wonderful distraction and provides such a feeling of accomplishment. And I love how you can put so much emotion into playing. You can play for yourself or in front of other people, sad music or happy music. Playing an instrument just opens up a whole new world.