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Let me know your favourite word

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Drop your favourite word and its definition and maybe even teach us a thing or two. 


I’ll go first!!

Alienation: The state or experience of feeling isolated or estranged 


Please be mindful that some words may be triggering or inappropriate. Other than that HAVE FUNNN :)))

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woahh this is a completely new word to me and i just love it!! It sounds so pretty and the unique combination of letters is just perfect. I love a good word that also looks pretty when spelt out!!

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Hey YD. Interesting thread topic and thankyou!


Pompous: Adjective: people that elevate their sense of 'self -importance' These people usually present in a formal and serious way due to their false belief that they are better, smarter, or more important than others



NB: It is amusing to observe pomposity (for myself)







I love this word, it really resonates with the constant state I wallow in 🙂


-Yours truly

Hey Paul,


I absolutely adore that word. It's just so fun and the pronunciation matches the meaning so well!!


-Yours truly

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Extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large.

"fabulous riches"


Having no basis in reality; mythical.

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My favourite word for this week is the French word Chocolat

pronounced as, 'show-ko-lah’

Going back over my high school French. I absolutely love this language. 

I like the French language too.  I had 2 years of French in highschool too.  The only other choice of language was German.



Meaning something along the lines of curious, quirky, unusual and lightly fanciful or mysterious. I have always liked this word for some reason. I like the sound of it and what it means. It is almost a word unto itself because it is hard to put into words what it means. I associate it with interesting people, songs, movies, creations etc with an air of wonder about them. It feels like it links to the imagination.

I also did French in high school!! I still remember a thing or two, but maybe I should go over it too :))

Now this is a word I should start adding to my daily vocabulary. Isn’t it such a magical word?