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Hi everyone im back on the forums after being away for a while.  I just wanted to say I have had personal experience with mental health.  And I feel I have come a very long way.  I have found myself again.  And it feels amazing.  It's my hope through sharing my personal journey it will give people hope and encourage them to know with the right support around you and the right help it is incredibly possible to get your life back on track.  I can empathise and its one of my dreams to help people regain their lives.  Because you have to know you truly deserve that.  Im a living testament of this.  May everyone find peace joy and happiness in their lives.  Thank you Hope

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Community Champion

Hello Dear Geniue,


Its always so beautiful to hear of a success story, thank you for posting here….I am so happy that you have found yourself again…and you wanting to help others going through a hard time show kind and caring you are..❤️🤗..


Posting here will let others know that their is hope and that they too can get out of the darkness and into the light…


My kind thoughts Dear Geniue, 




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Hi Grandy thank you for your beautiful reply to my post.  It is so nice that people can see the beauty in others and are able to appreciate that.  It means a lot to me to be accepted and appreciated.  Hope you are doing well.  My kind and sincere thoughts go out to you.  Have a wonderful day.