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Last to post wins

Mr Ploppy
Community Member

This worked quite well on another forum site.

It may float or sink on this one. We'll find out.

Don't ask what you will win being the last to post, it will be something useless.

But have a go anyway.

I'm last to post so far. Am I a winner?

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Community Member

No you're not. a few years back we had a lively thread on this topic too....the wonderful guy who started it disappeared from forum (as far as I know) and I miss him. I can't quite recall the actual name of the thread but its concept was the same I am sure.

anyone else remember it?............anyway I win!!

Mr P,

Moon, I remember the thread but there was another concept.

I suppose every one wins and everyone is last for a short time or have I missed the point.

Hi Quirky.....as I recall, it was started by Gruffud....Croix would remember him...and probably CMF too I think...she used to play with us...just can't think of the thread's name!!

I miss Gruffud...discussing long train journeys and the ducks swimming in the surf!!

I remembered! It was called "Thread Killer" wasn't it? and the last person to post killed it...remember? well it looks like I have killed it now doesn't it....I declare myself the winner!

(actually there seem to be a few threads I have "killed" quite unintentionally in the past. I've replied,saying sincere and heartfelt things...then hey presto! No more contributors...another thread bites the dust!! I don't mean to, I really don't...but it's happened several times...(must be something I said (???)...

anyway this one - if it's the same as the old Thread Killer....is a pushover for me by the looks of it! anyone else going to play?

Yeah, I thought I might sneak in and hide in the corner where no one will see me.

Well at least I have another person to play with! I thought I'd Killed It!...but no, you were brave enough to take me on.....let's see how long you can be the winner!! These guys are sneaky....they creep on here in the dead of night, silent and stealthy, and win the thread from right under our noses...we have to be vigilant Mr Ploppy.............

Community Member
Ha! You fools thought you were alone? Pathetic. I am here now, and I declare this thread... dead! Just try to challenge me.

Community Champion
Community Champion
I usually don’t take on challenges but I decided this one I won’t back down from....so I am the winner...I have the winning trophy...I challenge you to take it away from me..🏆...if you dare..

Mr Ploppy
Community Member
Excellent, you've all given up. I always knew I'd win this game.