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Last to post wins

Mr Ploppy
Community Member

This worked quite well on another forum site.

It may float or sink on this one. We'll find out.

Don't ask what you will win being the last to post, it will be something useless.

But have a go anyway.

I'm last to post so far. Am I a winner?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Is this the kids-at-heart thread?

I once heard a saying:

"The First shall be last and the Last shall be first!"

Or am I imagining?

Hooray Hooray...we have a new playmate! It's IreneM.....hooray for IreneM!.......she had a go and was last (while it lasted...haha)....yes this is how you play IreneM.....now I've won...I'm last.

Was wondering if anyone would knock Grandy off the winner's post.....(she'll get right back up again don't worry...she is a very tough lady, but with so much softness to give to others.... You'll like Mr Ploppy....he hasn't told me yet why he chose that name...it reminds me of some character in a scary movie...right on the tip of my tongue...a "Mr" someone, but don't think he was a nice guy like Mr Ploppy........anyway I declare myself the new winner!!!

(Bob Dylan sang about the "first one now will later be last"...cos The times They are a changin'...)

Community Champion
Community Champion
Beep beep 🚜..I’m coming up behind IreneM...Just about to overtake her and be the last one to post...until I seen Moon has slipped into the front once again....Not sure what your driving Moon..I’ve got my rocket powered tractor that gets me to places around the forums in just seconds😂..You’ve got to be fast to catch me...I’m just about to overtake you Moon..here I come..😁..I’m looking behind me now..👋 bye Moon and Irene...I’m now the last one to post...Yippee I’m the new winner.....

Uh oh! You didn't see me flying behind you!

Now I'm the new winner! Yay!

Congratulations, romantic. Pick up your win on the way out. LOL

Oh thank you Mr Ploppy, how kind! What do I win 😄

(By the way your post made me lol so thank you for that!!)

So you're still here Mr Ploppy...I thought you'd taken your bat and ball and gone home! Romantic Thief...I let you bask in the glory of being winner for a while....but oh dear...sorry, but here I go bursting your bubble....have a lovely day...

while I wait for my prize that Mr Ploppy promised he would deliver to my door personally...can hardly wait!!

I was gonna post the prize to you, romantic. But then people are continually pushing in.

How very unthoughtful of them.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Ha ha ...I’m 👁👁 This thread..


Community Member
I'm winning now....he he he....