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Croix Parler

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I'd like to use this pace for miscellaneous matters that don't fit elsewhere



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Dear Shell~
I thought you might like Little Women. It's probably worth finding if the Library does have a copy as you intended.

I used to really like the underground. At one time going to school was a red double-decker bus ride to the tube station, then going down the stairs past all the movie posters and waiting for a train. You could hear and feel them arrive, pushing a gust of air and newspapers out of the tube before them. Five or six stations later another bus, and there I was at school.

Nowadays I have to use a car to get anywhere at all - bit of a loss really.

I'm afraid Katharine and Audrey Hepburn are not related, Katharine comes form the US and Audrey from Belgium. BTW I really liked Katharine's performance in The African Queen with Humphrey Gocart.

I've seen My Fair Lady with Audrey and Rex Harrison, the music was full of popular classics, which I liked, but not Sabrina, I'll have to look it up one day when I get the chance.

Take care of yourself Shell,


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Hi Croix,

Sorry it has taken me so long to post here.

I really enjoy miscellaneous stuff.

I posted here because the post number was 51 = 6.

6 was the very first nickname Sara gave me last year in october. I think.

I really like number patterns. Ever since i was about 20.

I also like symbolism. If you find something weird in your environment like a scorpion for example. I look it up and find out its meaning.

I mix all these things together to make judgement calls on life. Not for banking or anything like that. Lol.

Its cool and very miscellaneous.



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Hi Croix (shoutout to all thread contributors and readers),

Now I'm imagining the word "crunk" being used liberally in your sentences ha, ha. Thanks for giving me a chuckle and I'm glad you're down with, uh, urban language 😊

Fair enough that you prefer Futuristic to Joelle Ortiz's Music Saved My Life. It sounds like you can relate more to the former. I've never been a Brooklyn boy either (hearty laugh) but I like how Ortiz sings about being "raised" by different artists. I was "raised" by different artists to him but I can still empathise with the sentiment.

I looked up The Ronettes on google images and I see what you mean. Amy Winehouse rocked the beehive as well as them, I think! I've always loved Winehouse's style.

I've heard of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy before but didn't really know what it was about so looked it up. It definitely seems like something that you and Blue (from the little that I know about her) would like! So you prefer the original to the remake?

Sara does sound like she can hold her own in the heat and dust. Mad props to her ha, ha.

I loved Edwin Starr's War. I could hear the passion and it has such a strong, catchy beat. He sing-shouts "war" with such power, and it takes guts to make one's personal stance on it known.

Hurdy Gurdy Man was enjoyable enough but it didn't really have the same emotional impact on me compared to War. In saying that, it was pleasant on the ears and kind of makes you want to get up and do a sleepy, trance-like dance.

Ha, ha I can see what you mean by Oye Come Va putting you in a good mood. Time for the cha-cha-Cha!

It's okay, all good. I was talking about (well- meaning) people trying to cheer me up in a general sense rather than anyone specifically. Don't worry, you're in the clear ha, ha. It's a non-refundable scholarship so you can keep it for life!

I hadn't heard of The Audreys before but had a listen to Simple Things. I enjoyed the lyrics and the song reminds me of those contemplative states of mind that many of us find ourselves in. The lyrics definitely make you think- it's a subtle song but powerful in its own right.

I've been listening to Cello Wars (The Piano Guys) and Child (Mia Z) on repeat a fair bit lately.

Dottie xxx

Hi everyone,

Shelley, I've seen one version of Little Women (the one with Kirsten Dunst in it) but I've never read the book. I personally related most to Jo and Amy.

I'm extremely strong willed (stubborn as a mule) and insist on doing things/living my life on my own terms (my inner Jo), and I related to Amy's artsy side and her willingness to travel and seek adventures.

It's awesome that you play the flute! Do you play much these days? Also, do you have favourite pieces to play?

Yeah, I play the piano. I've played for many years now. I started when I was about 4-5 years old ha, ha (can't remember the exact age but it was around then).

SB, kudos to you for learning other languages. I'm afraid that I don't speak a word of Cymraeg (or Gaelic) for that matter. But I think they're both poetic sounding languages or at least from the little that I know.

Matt, good on you for sharing more of your worldview. It's nice that you see meaning in things that many of us often overlook or take for granted.

Dottie xxx

Hello everyone,

Croix, I read your happy memory post. I like how the little timid cat in the felt igloo ( Scaredy cat), grew into a more bold sumu cat. And the fact your pets may see you and your wife as pets.

And Dottie, yes I still play the flute, like I said I am a basic - intermediate player. I did have lessons when I was younger. But I never got passed that stage. I can play Amazing Grace really well ,but mostly I hold it up to my mouth and play my own melodies. I just let all my emotions out in the notes. That is how I like to play.

You must be a pretty good pianists then.

And yes I have seen that particular Little Women movie you mentioned quite a few times. So you see yourself a bit like Joe and a bit like Amy.... I believe I might be a mixture of all the girls. Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy. Properly more so like Beth though. A bit on the quieter, timid side, and a bit frightened of life. But then again, like you I do like to travel, so that would be Amy. I am not a painter though. And I do like dressing in pretty and feminine clothes at times. I would be prepared to cut off my hair like Joe to help a needy person, but they would have to be in desperate need. Hmmmm Meg, I always saw her as a homemaker sort of girl, so I am a homebody of sorts. She also seems quite disciplined and responsible, which unfortunately I am not. Then there is Joe again, who likes to write...well I like to write as well, but not the same stories as her. She is a bit wild and independent. I can be a little wild. But she also comes across to me as a leader, I am no way a leader.

Hope you don't mind me waffling on like that Dottie???

Shell xx

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Community Champion

Dear Moon et al.~

I'm posting to you in this here because it is devoted to nattering about art. As I mentioned I had no luck with the particular non-song you cited in that song thread:)

It did however get me thinking more about Simon and Garfunkel and their work, which in turn reminded my of a film I enjoyed called The Graduate - Dustin Hoffman, 1967 in which the theme tune is Mrs Robinson sung by the above (Dottie you might appreciate the guitar work in it).

If I disregard the religious references (I'm afraid I'm not nowadays) then some of the lyrics seem appropriate for this place here:

We'd like to help you learn to help yourself
Look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes
Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home

Plus of course the

Coo coo ca-choo

Which I'm told is a direct reference to my theme song I Am The Walrus by the Beatles.

So your brief post conjured up more than you might have at first thought.

Thank you


Hi Shelley, Croix + anyone reading,

Shelley, I love it when you waffle! Please waffle on more often!

Amazing Grace is gorgeous. Sad too but gorgeous. You have a beautiful relationship with music and your flute. I love how you channel your emotions through your music and let the notes speak for themselves. I guess maybe it's the musical equivalent of journaling.

I loved the Little Women talk- it helps us paint a slightly better mental picture of you. Oh yes, Beth was the sensitive musical one of all the sisters. You do come across as a very sensitive, thoughtful person- like Beth.

Croix, hopefully Moon finds your thread and post addressed to her.

Oh, I have seen part of The Graduate but I've not seen the ending. Mental note to self: must finish it some time.

Have a lovely weekend, beautiful peeps!

Dottie xxx

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What particular non-song Croix? The Walrus & The Carpenter sung by Danny Kaye which I found for Kanga. (it's on the Net, I googled it up).....or ANYTHING by Simon & Garfunkel.

By "anything" I meant any old song at all....not a song entitled "Anything". Although George Harrison had one called "Something" referring to his beloved Patti Boyd. (sorry getting off the track). I didn't know this Croix Parler existed actually....I live a fairly sheltered life here on the Forum - I don't get out much!!

What do you want me to talk about?...Art? or "the Arts" - plural?

I'm off to do some of it, supposedly, very shortly. It doesn't involve a paintbrush - but I believe it comes under the heading of Art -.........yeah, old Mrs Robinson..who could ever forget?...long story...long story.....See ya Croix

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Dear Moon~

I just rabbit on about anything to do with the Arts here, something I've seen, been reminded of, wish to recommend/see, ask about or whatever - almost free association. Others do so to. I get to follow up on what they talk about and see works I'd never have thought about otherwise - and I think others do too.

So anytime you want to expand on something said here - or introduce a thought or experience of your own, please feel very free, and I for one will enjoy it. Plus you simply can't 'go off track' here - Art, for me anyway, encompasses just about everything:)

Good luck with the 'non-paintbrush' work, hope you find release into another world for a little while.


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Hi Croix (shoutout to everyone else),

I just had to share this! Okay, admittedly this mashup has been out for a little while now so it's not exactly a new release. But I still wanted mention it.

2 Cellos must have read my mind because they arranged a mashup of Fifth Symphony (Beethoven) and Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin). Love, love, love their arrangement and performance!

Also, welcome Moon. It's nice to see you here. As Croix said, anything goes 😊

Signing out for the night now.

Dottie xxx