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Bad days

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  • I am a 63 yr male.I have suffered depression for as long as i can remember,about 50 yrs.I have had all the drugs all the phsic evals nothing has worked. I have no interest in taking my own life,to stubbon for that shit. Biu it would be great if i could get better and enjoy life,thx to anyone who reads this
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Hi, welcome


I'm 68yo and have depression, bipolar and other issues. What I've found over many years here and suffering my ills, is that mental health demands a multi pronged approach. eg med without therapy wont work well, therapy without self help is like the psych talking to themselves and relationships without a supportive partner can be a real challenge.


There are different depressive illnesses so- what are your symptoms? Do you sleep a lot?, have mania? close yourself off to the world? I'd be interested in your answers there.


So over the years I've written many articles in these pages and you can find a lot of ones on the internet. This one I recommend  (you only need to read the first page)-


I'm here daily so just reply and wait, when I log on your reply will be waiting for me.


Also, how has your depression effected your partner if you dont mind me asking.



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Hello, depression50

It's great to see you have come to BB, to reach out for help. That's not an easy thing to have done, but you have done it.

There has been so much written on these forums about depression & what people do in their own lives to help themselves to deal with & manage their symptoms. You can find much in the section 'Mental Health Conditions', under the section, 'Depression'.

I think I must have had depression for about 50 years, too, since I was a teenager (64 now), sometimes quite severly. Sometimes, when it seemed the easiest thing to do would be to simply surrender to it & give up, somehow, I didn't. Maybe, like you, it was stubborness, too, & my desire that my past not defeat me that saw me through.

Looking back, the worst days didn't last. They were not ever going to last forever, & did get better fairly quickly. No, things didn't get really good - I felt I was just above the water's surface, treading water, something like that, just existing.

More recently, becoming more proactive, making my own decisions, big & small, has helped me more. Doing the most necessary self-care such as providing healthy meals for myself, deliberately getting up & moving myself, to going out to do exercise - these have been very important for me - & learning it's okay to ask for help, & learning to tell people who can help, what I want & need.

I wish you all the best & hope talking here on BB helps you cope & manage your symptoms better.



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Hey D50


Welcome to the forums...and having the courage to post too!


I understand your pain/anguish . It is crappy when we feel this way. My depression/anxiety started 40 years ago and like yourself I wasnt interested in taking my own life either...Im also too stubborn! 


Can I ask if you have suffered any anxiety feelings with this awful depression? Just a quick note..The forums are rock solid safe place for you to post. Your privacy is paramount here.


you are not alone 





I don't have a partner and i don't sleep much always feel sad panic attacks feel worthless no friends just me and my dog

feeling lonely no friends just my dog panic attacks no interest in anything 



It's difficult in our age group to find answers as we feel we have tried everything. We can only suggest things but being realistic there is only the conventional answers we can go by- medical answers that you have exhausted, lived experience from people like us and your own history of hobbies and sports.


For example we've seen here people with depression that have gone on to join supporters of a footy team and that has been a big part of their lives since, the mens shed, model airplanes and so on, these hobbies and sports might seem mundane until you actually take the time to seek and try. Another example is that you have your dog, thought about buying a pup? We bought a 2nd dog 18 months ago making 2 mini foxies. We constantly laugh at the antics the little one has. Gee, we are in hysterics when she plays hide and seek with her 12 yo sister!


Social gatherings might not be your thing but you can join groups and remain in the background. Better than not joining and feeling lonely.


So in finishing let me suggest that action is needed, visit your council chambers, find out what groups are local, follow a major footy team is thats your interest or a local one. Over time take on a constant role like cooking the sausages on training nights. 


What's your thoughts?