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All things tatts

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Hi guys,

Totally unrelated to anything mental health related but I have nobody else to really ask. I am going to be getting a medium size tattoo done on my back coming friday but i wanted to find out if the price they were asking was way extreme or normal.

I have had small tats done before but they all fit into the base tattoo price of $120 at the place i go too.

This time i'm getting a roughly 5" by 5" piece put on me and they are asking $500. I figured it would cost me a bit given it involves shading and all that jazz. But the design has no colour to it and its not exactly a massive shoulder to shoulder piece so I'm a bit suprised at the piece. I wasn't really sure how to convey that to the tattooist given that for 1) i have mad anxiety 2) i don't even know what standard prices are and 3) shes putting stuff into my skin so if i make her angry she could cause me a bit of trouble.

Any help or tips guys?

Also let me know what tattoos you have or want to get done. I currently have a semi colon on my wrist - for the obvious symbolic meaning and also because i needed something to cover up the scar tissue a bit. The piece im getting done on friday is a rose morphing into a clock with the quote "by the time the last petal falls" circling around it. As for the ones to come in the future i have lots of ideas. But its probably not worth discussing until i have actually made the appointment to get it done like i have with the rose-clock.

What do you guys have/want?

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Hi Kaz

I heard the horrible news. Her death is a huge loss felt far beyond those who new her personally to the entire mental health awareness community.

I have found myself pressing my thumb against me semi colon tattoo all day to find my pulse under it. Something about feeling my pulse through the semi colon tattoo that she turned into an entire movement helps me feel some peace. There are so many hearts that are still beating thanks to the incredible legacy left behind by one truly remarkable women. Mine is just one of them.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Well said Loca. A huge loss indeed. When I finally decide on a new tattoo I will incorporate the semi-colon into it in her honour and to pay respect to all our fellow travellers.

That is a beautiful thought about feeling your pulse through it. Anytime it gets hard mate, do just that and remember why we're all here, and will continue to be here. Our story isn't over yet.

Respect to you my friend.

Kaz ;

hello everyone

im far too scared of needles to get a tattoo but if i was to get one i would get a pink rose in memory of my nan who passed away who i was very close to 🙂

I don't have any either. When I was 21 I nearly got a pentagram on my back shoulder but I chickened out and lost my deposit. Thing is, I change my mind ALL the time. If I was to choose a tatt for today going on my current frame of mind I'd choose a spanner. A spanner because I feel like the spanner in the works of all well made plans

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hiya startingnew - that's a beautiful thought. Nans are extra special people I reckon, I miss mine very much.

Tattoos aren't the only way to honour someone either. If you're a gardener maybe you could plant a pink rose for her, or frame a beautiful photograph of a pink rose and hang it in your room.

If you do want a tattoo though, in my limited experience it doesn't really hurt that much, and I closed my eyes the whole time so I didn't see the implement they used. 😀

Happy thoughts and memories to you


thank you Kaz

ive been working on drawing a pink rose which i finished last night and im going to change my avatar to a pink rose as well

Yea im glad i dont make decisions on my moods cause they change super quick lol

Hi startingnew and Simona

Its great to meet you both. I completely agree on the moodswing front Simona. I'm prone to moodswings too. So i have a policy. If i can stick to a tattoo idea unwaveringly for atleast 2 years then its worth it (thats insanely difficult for me. lol) Although the rose i got on my back i have wanted for 5 years though until a month ago i was sure i wanted it on my leg. It was kind of an impulsive decision to change the spot. So here's to hoping i don't regret it. As for the pain. It hurts like all hell on the bone. Everywhere else is fine though. Tolerable.

That pink rose sounds beautiful startingnew. And especially given that you are designing it yourself. You must be really talented.

S xx