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A place to love your person

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Hi! I want to just hear some wholesome stuff. Your person can be your partner or friend or family member. Just tell me the wonderful things they do that make you feel warm and fuzzy 🥰

my beautiful boyfriend is my favourite person in the world. We have had to do long distance for 5 months because of Covid and have now been reunited and we’ve been spending as much time together as we can. Here are a few of my favourite things he does:

1. He has recently learned how to untangle knots in my hair. He’s super gentle with it and I just feel so cared for and loved when he does

2. My boyfriend is shorter than me by about 5cm so sometimes I struggle to feel really feminine...it’s silly and I know I shouldn’t let social expectations affect me like this but they do on occasion. But he knows this and so finds every moment to tell me how beautiful he finds me and how he loves every part of me including, and especially, how tall I am 🥰

3. I love when we are alone and dance together. He doesn’t like dancing very much but if it’s just us two we forget everything else and just dance like crazies haha

4. He knows exactly how to make me feel better when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed. He knows what to say and what to do and he is there every time with his arms around me, grounding me.

tell me about your person ❤️

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Community Champion

Hello Guest294..

Youre boyfriend sounds very caring and loving towards you..It’s really so beautiful to hear that your boyfriend knows how to calm your anxiety down...

I am so happy for you dear Guest...and wish you both the best lives possible...

Talk here anytime you feel up to it.

Kind and caring thoughts,


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Oh how nice you can be together after being apart such a long time! Your boyfriend sounds so supportive!

My partner is a little on the quiet side so it's easy for me to assume that he is thinking the worst about how I am coping with things. He's making sure to speak up and be encouraging right now as I go through a rough patch which is so helpful - a simple "I'm proud of you" when I'm feeling like I'm failing can make my whole day. And while I've been able to deal with the kids this morning he has focused on tidying the kitchen which I have been letting slide, I used to clean it every night but with struggling I've been letting it go. He's so sweet and I'm thankful to have him, he's picked up a lot of slack for me even though he works full time.