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A knight with broken armour

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It might seem silly but ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of being saved by a knight in shining armour. A strong dashing hero to protect me and tell me I’d never be alone. In the darkest nights, in the coldest places, I would always be looking to see if he was there. I waited and waited, and just as I was losing hope, my knight appeared. 

He wasn’t your regular knight. He wore dark armour, covered in dints and scratches. Some pieces were broken and chipping away. He had known the greatest of victories, and the most painful of defeats. I could see the heavy weight he carried, and yet he would look at me with the softest of smiles. A smile that reflected the peace in a burning sunset. 

Some would look at him and dismiss him as a good knight. But he wasn’t good in the way that was neat and tidy. Not good in the way that made everything seem easy. He is good in the way that really mattered. He is good in a way that not many people are. He is good in his heart and soul. 

He scooped me up, and I moved past his sword, past his shield, through his armour and into his heart. And so just as I dreamt, he promised I’d never be alone. But neither would he. 

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome 


And your knight seems so elusive

In a world of bias they judge you with

But persist you must or future be dust

And he becomes only imaginative


Your dreams are you

And you are your dreams

Never discount the challenge life deems

Brave knight offers - peaches and cream


And every wrinkle on his face

Bore wounds of hurt and much heartache

But he be there to comfort by phone

Carries you forever, no longer alone


Sleep well and keep your dream safe

No matter how old it's never too late

Your knight with dents is your fate

Never too old and never too late...