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How can we improve the forums? Your suggestions and comments please

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all, this thread is a running commentary for all members on things for improvements to the forums. This can be anything from how it looks, the categories, to moderation, community rules etc.

While we might not be able to implement everything straightaway, or keep everyone happy all of the time, we'd like to hear about what you think we can do better.


This is not a thread for discussing the moderation or editing of individual posts - if you have questions about this please contact the team offline via email modsupport@beyondblue.org.au


To avoid repeating suggestions already received, below are some results from our last user survey giving an indication of which new features people would like to see on the forums. This survey was answered by 1,597 users:

44% - Email notification when I have a reply on the forum
39% - Access to the forums via an app
27% - Ability to block seeing posts by specific users
25% - Ability to contact users privately
25% - Ability to use emoticons
25% - Ability to follow posts by specific users
24% - Ability to share links
23% - Forum posts visible only to registered users
22% - A profile, viewable by others users, where I can introduce myself
21% - Ability to quickly access all posts by a particular user
15% - Ability to tag users in a conversation
10% - Ability to share images
6% - Ability to share videos
17% - None of these


Update July 2022 - This discussion has now been closed. Please go to the updated version below to share feedback and follow our updates:

How can we improve the Forums?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Maybe if you click on a user you could see link to their threads etc? Or each user could have a profile which says eg how long they've been here, and their different threads. I find it very twisted and challenging to sort through all the threads and follow someones journey

Community Member
may i ask we have strikethrough. this isnt that serious i just want it because like a good 30% of my speaking patterns is strikethrough probably

Hey Eight,
I believe we already have this feature. If you look above the textbox there is an S with a line through it and it does this!


Community Member
is this on desktop? because i dont really see it when i use it on mobile but then again mobile sites are all kinds of wrong

Hey Eight,
Yes, this is on desktop. Hm agreed, it might be because you're on mobile!
~sometimes~  this works
If not, it might be a handy feature to add for mobile. 


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Sophie, I can't see the strike through selection oddly (on desktop)

Hey Sophie_M

Unfortunately there isnt a strike through or underline function on the forums.....not that I'd really use either come to think of it...I know the moderators dashboard does though

Happy Easter


Hey Paul and Sleepy,
That is so strange! maybe we could work on adding shortcuts for an underline or strikethrough then. Thanks for your input everyone.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi guys,

New to BB and the forums and loving them. I have noticed though that none of the posts have a time stamp to indicate when they were generated, only the date. I'm ex Police and TDP (Time, Date, Place) was drummed into us when creating records. I find it strange that we wouldn't want to know how long a post has been sitting unanswered for example, or when a post was responded to.

Just a thought

Rumple :0)

Community Champion
Community Champion


Welcome to the forum.

You may notice on My threads and new posts and in all sections, the time of the last post is listed.

know you are saying that not every post has a time. I am not sure if that is possible or would be helpful. It is an interesting question.