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workplace harrassment / bullying maybe??

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Hey legend need some trusty advise please,


I have a work colleague that continuously make comment about my career prospect saying im underpaid why I'm working so hard. This stress me out, I like my job and don't care with the pay. 


He also doubt the importance the role of my job, he's a higher up and I'm a technician. He does all the calling and I did all the background and paperwork. Does this mean my job is of lower importance than his. His communication often highlight this as the case


Do you guys consider this bullying or harrasment as its impacting my daily life as I'm stressed due to this


Any advise would be appreciated




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Hi, Jacky.

EVERYBODY'S role in the workplace is important. It doesn't matter if you're photocopying (if people still do that!) and being a gofer, or whether you're the CEO. You are all cogs in the machinery that makes it happen. 


Does this colleague know the impact he is having upon you? He sounds like an absolute pain to work with, to say the least. 


If he starts up again, you could try: 'I enjoy my work and respectfully disagree with you.' You could even try: 'Hey, this narrative is stopping me from doing my job, which I happen to ENJOY.'  YOu could pleasantly ask him to stop.


However, this is often easier said than done. If there is an HR person or someone else, ask them to intervene on your behalf and point out the flaw in his narrative. 


I'm not sure if the behaviour is classed as bullying or what. If he's doing it because he genuinely feels he's superior, then yes, it's at the very least bullying and harassment. 


You're important and so is the role you play. Keep us informed. I hope it all gets resolved soon.


I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you're facing. Can you clarify if 'she' is your direct manager or a colleague? Although it's unfortunate that the mediation was unsuccessful, it does show that your employer is making an effort to address your concerns, which is positive. If she is not your direct manager, I recommend that you continue to speak with your manager about these issues. If she is your manager, then HR should be your next point of contact. There are additional procedures that can be implemented to handle workplace conflicts and bullying if mediation fails. Don't keep your feelings to yourself, I would encourage you to keep escalating this matter to the appropriate individuals within your organisation who are obligated to support you.