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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Hi all,

my physical feelings of anxiety:

Hyperventilation-shallow breathing, giddy, light headed, neck tension, tightness in the throat.

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Hi everyone, I'm Tayla and I'm 20.

I've had anxiety - social anxiety and normal anxiety, or Generalised Anxiety Disorder if you prefer to call it that, and Major Depressive Disorder etc. since I was about 12 or so.

My symptoms are the following. I'm sort of used to it although it is scary and uncomfortable for me.

  • Nausea, sometimes vomiting. So feeling sick, stomach pains/cramps, like having a knot in your stomach, more that than butterflies.
  • Sweating (I sweat a lot anyway which I hate, I get so embarrassed).
  • Dry mouth and a bit of a sore throat and wanting lots of water, although I do keep hydrated.
  • Headaches - some bearable, some not. This can also be because of fatigue, not eating enough, from the sun, etc. for me anyway.
  • Sometimes dry reaching randomly, maybe sometimes certain smells may set it off. And no, I'm NOT pregnant (never had well you know).
  • Heart racing/some chest pains. But that's mostly when something very anxiety provoking happens, so a panic attack. For example a loved one going to the hospital.
  • Crying and getting agitated even at small things, and sensory overload. One thing that makes me annoyed quite easily with the sensory overload especially when I have a headache is the sound of dishes clunking together.

I think that's all of the symptoms for me so far, it depends on the day, what's going on etc. I get pretty anxious and depressed even over small and stupid things, things like "oh that wasn't so bad", for example going into a shop especially on my own, to get food or something. I know it sounds stupid but it can be so bad for me because I've had people be rude so many times.

I'm sorry everyone struggles and has these symptoms, but it seems like most of them are similar/the same. I've heard by Doctors that these symptoms are common with anxiety, especially those diagnosed with it, like me.

I hope everyone's OK. Please stay safe and take care everyone. I'm thinking of you all.


Tayla xx

Hi TwitchyOne,

Did all of your symptoms pass in those 5 or so months or just the swallowing one?

Was there anything you found to help, or just time?

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Hey everyone, Happy Australia Day. I'm sorry everyone's struggling and I hope everyone is alright.

I've been feeling so sick on these new meds, been on them for 2 weeks and I know it was those because ever since I took them I've been feeling this way. It seems to get worse every day. And it lasts the whole day and night - when I sleep, when I wake up, when I eat, when I don't eat, when I drink water, when I drink coffee, anything like that. It's scary. I've also been feeling dizzy some days and walking into things, even on my walk with my dog a few days ago. I was so glad that I didn't collapse because who would've found me? No one I bet, or if so what's to say people would've helped, and how long could it have been?

I'm so scared. I don't want to go to hospital for how I'm feeling and mental health. I don't want to have tests done. I'm depressed in general but this isn't helping.

But my Psychiatrist is putting me on new meds sometime next week. I just want to cry I'm feeling so bad 😞


Hi TwitchyOne,

thankyou for posting your symptoms, I hope you feel better knowing there are others out there with similar symptoms and know there is lots of support here too:)

Where abouts do you get the muscle twitches and the pins and needles sensations?

A couple of months ago I suddenly got tremors in my arms and legs, and like a skin burning sensation on my forehead and forearms. They are not there all the time but it’s still not know if it’s anxiety or not, so I’m curious as like you said, it’s not fun!

I’m glad the choking feeling has not returned, that would have been the worst!

Hi mb20lover,

Happy Australia Day to you too 🙂 I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time but glad to see you come hear for a little support.

I think you are doing well even though these days are hard. Try to find one good thing that you love and build on that little by little. On my hard days I either go for a walk and have a bath with nice music in the background.

if the medication is not working I’d see the dr again and let them know they are making you feel sick, I’m guessing they will change them.

If your at the point you need to go to the hospital I’d say go otherwise see how you feel in the morning.

there’s nothing wrong with having a good cry, it’s a way out body removes toxins so don’t feel bad if you do.

If you have some friends or family around you maybe get in contact with them and watch a movie and just relax with them, it does wonders for me.

i hope you feel better 🙂

Happy Australia Day too everyone 🙂 and thanks to Annabay for the excellent thread topic!

Hey Johnny_ you mentioned "there’s nothing wrong with having a good cry, it’s a way out body removes toxins so don’t feel bad if you do"....Thankyou for this wise post Johnny_ having a good cry does provide us with a way we can 'release' our pent up feelings....whether having a cry on our own or especially in front of our doc can work wonders with a 'tired mind'

my kind thoughts


hey Johnny.

thanks for your kind words and suggestions, I appreciate it. I'm sorry that you're struggling yourself and I hope you can get some support from these forums and elsewhere. I hope you had a good Australia Day too, I didn't do much.

I'm trying to do your suggestions, I go for walks daily aswell, listen to music, stuff like that. it helps sometimes. I feel most not really happy 100%, but content if you will, when I'm alone in my room at night on my iPad listening to music, coming on here, watching funny stuff and all of that. I've adapted to being alone so I'm used to it, and I enjoy being alone most of the time.

yeah my Psychiatrist is putting me on new medication sometime this week or something, my GP prescribed it. however I told my GP how I've been feeling mentally and physically and she literally just said "oh well". she's starting to get rude and not care in my opinion but it isn't that easy for me to change GPs, I live in a small country town, about 4000 or so people. it can be nice here some days but other days I just want to run away from here. the scenery and bird life is nice though.

thanks again for your kind words and reassurance, I appreciate it. I hope you're getting some support too from here and other places like professionals and I'm so sorry you're struggling aswell. thank you for reaching out to me. I hope to chat to you more anywhere on these forums like here.

please take care, much love and big hugs.

Tayla xo

hey Paul.

I agree with Johnny, I like that quote, so thank you both of you, and everyone here.

I hope everyone's alright, take care everyone.

much love and big hugs to everybody xx

Tayla xo

Hi mb20lover,

Thankyou for your words of support, it’s greatly appreciated! I mostly just relaxed and took it easy as these last couple of days have been hard, possibly due to the heat as I’ve always struggled in hot weather.

Im glad to hear you do those things, I notice it helps me a lot to get through the days. Like you, I don’t mind being on my own but not all the time as I find it hard living on my own in recent times.

Glad to hear your switching to new medication, let me know how you go. I hope it works for you. Not great about your GP, are there any others in town? I love country towns but there are some disadvantages when you need health care. Hopefully your psych is great.

your most welcome:) I have a psych that I see, and a good GP too who have been great so far. I’m not on medication as yet as I have going well but I think I might have too to keep my emotions at bay, see how I go over the next few as I am returning to work.

Again I appreciate your kinda words, the love and hugs too, sending them straight back to you, take care xo