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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Hi everyone! Thankyou so much for being a part of Annabays thread topic and sharing your physical symptoms

Hey LexiJane...ContraryMary...zeldadiana...Felixblack...cookiesandcream...TV....ecomama...Ricman Cathyxd7

so many wonderful people here 🙂

I used to have chronic anxiety for a few years... (everyone has different anxiety symptoms of course) I neglected to seek help for my symptoms thinking I could 'fight them' and I was so wrong....Just for me they became worse over time as I didnt call my GP when my symptoms started.....oops

I didnt understand the earlier I sought treatment the better my recovery would have been. The good news is that our symptoms do decrease in severity especially with frequent ongoing visits to our doc/counsellor

be gentle to yourselves


Hi felixblack

all the best for your MRI

i had these exact symptoms a few years ago and got the all clear after an MRI.

Sometimes I still get pin and needles

but mainly headaches.

it can be exhausting all these manifestations we get

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Blue Voices Member

Hi blufftuff,

I feel the same fear all the time and sometimes unfortunately, it’s true - I do forget.

one of the best ways to keep track is making a habit of taking the tablet then immediately writing that days date on a note pad that you keep with your tablets. When you think you may have forgotten you can see you have or haven’t written the date, and therefore have or haven’t yet taken the tablet, thus hopefully calming down a bit.

i used to use a pillbox with a box for each day of the week starting on Monday. I’d write a note of when I took the tablet, and if I thought I’d forgotten I’d check the note and the pillbox for the particular day of the week.

i found it hard to keep track sometimes but this was one way to try and it saved me from that horrible whole day consuming fear and worry.

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Blue Voices Member

Thanks for the reply. Yep that’s typical of anxiety but you’ll be ok. I get these all too, sweaty fidgety and feeling edgy especially...but It’s not the end and it will pass.
have you spoke to a doctor about these physical feelings of anxiety?
just glad we’re not alone and we are going to be ok, even though at the time it doesn’t feel like it.

its brave of you to come forward and it’s hard to control or sit through, breathe through and calm. But good things will come by eventually.

good luck and all the best to everyone here. Keep on focusing on the good things around us

I’m so sorry your having these feelings.

i have health related anxiety and after feeling fine for a period of time, I think this pandemic, home schooling, loss of work and just general uncertainty have sent me over the edge again.

it started off with neck pain and feeling anxious then I sensed a weakness and electric sort of feeling in my arm. Thought, ok, you’ve had this before, it will go. Had an mri on my neck and that was clear.

that was fine until I got the electric feeling down the left leg too.

then I spiralled. Doc still thinks it’s anxiety but of course I think I’m going to die!

I woke up shaking one morning and that confirmed it for me, I have a brain tumour or MS! They are the main ones I focus on!

spoke to my doc and told her my whole body felt like it was shaking and she feels it’s anxiety.

last night I was so anxious going to bed because I didn’t want it to happen again that I felt like my whole body had been plugged into an electrical socket and I felt all shaking and jittery.

ive found these groups quite helpful as it normalises everything I get.

it seems like my body seems to create new scenarios just for fun! each and every time I get some physical symptom I think I’m done for! It’s exhausting!

Good luck for the MRI, I’m sure it will be fine! 🤗

Thanks for sharing.

You mention the tiredness. I have been feeling a lot of fatigue lately due to digestive issues I am suffering from. I have started to eat more but still get real bad fatigue that causes anxiety. Then the anxiety causes worse fatigue. It has created a loop which I am trying to fight off.

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Thanks for sharing this.

We seem to have similar symptoms and feelings so this has helped me reading this. Its nice to know I am not the only one going through this.

I have always suffered frm anxiety but it recently got real bad due to a hiatal hernia (digestive issue) which has caused me to hardly eat and feel extremely fatigued all the time. I started eating more and thought i should be improving but suddenly started feeling fatigue which immediately caused me to panic. Thoughts that I have cancer or chronic fatigue set in. I am trying to eat more and go for a 30 min walk daily to get some circulation but still get fatigue and then anxiety attacks....or sometimes its the other way around, I will have strong anxiety and then the fatigue will set it and then the anxiety gets worse (vicious cycle).

Ive decided to get help.

Hi summer girl
Thanks for replying.
It is good to know someone else has gone through this.
Can i ask - did your symptoms persist or come and go? The muscle tension, twitching and soreness especially in arms and legs and shoulders just won't go away and it has been weeks! I take magnesium and calcium but to no avail.
I don't suffer panic attacks but have definitely had anxiety on and off the past year, lots of stress with massive life changes. And of course now these symptoms making me more anxious! Do you have panic attacks? How long dis your symptoms last and what helped them go away? I get MRI results tonight.
I am still struggling to accept that this is all anxiety and stress related as the symptoms are so acute and real!! Hope to hear from you. 🙂 Glad you are also now recovered

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I get stomach cramps resulting in diarrhoea - am I the only one who experiences that ? I can’t go anywhere that doesn’t have a toilet .

Hi felixblack

hopefully Your MRI came back all clear I’m sure it has.

i had these symptoms during a difficult time for about two months.

i found someone who after numerous tests told me that I was psychosomatic which I was ,

after this particular bad time the symptoms just went away. They came back on and off Over the years and I ignore them I just accept that they are part of my life and nothing “serious” and they go away.

every 6months or so I get a bout of symptoms out of nowhere , chest pain ., cramping and aches in my legs , headaches and I go and see my GP for reassurance and have tests and miraculously after getting the all clear the symptoms just disappear.

Lately I feel that I probably need a tune up from a psychologist and have booked in with a new GP one that I can be honest with about my anxiety without feeling embarrassed as the symptoms have been more frequent lately after a long period of recovery.

i found that reading these forums help along with acceptance and commitment therapy and reading about other people’s experiences.

It’s crazy how the human mind can manifest such strong physical reactions. I was reading recently that a nurse who works in a neurology ward said that it was common to see people come in with these symptoms and get the all clear as they are related to anxiety.
hope this helps felixblack.