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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Hi TaylahAnn

You are not alone with having cramps and diarrhoea....(depending on what your GP diagnoses) loose bowel movements with cramps can be a common symptom of short or long term anxiety...I used to have the same symptoms and they are awful to have

Can I ask if you have been experiencing any stress in your life recently?

my kind thoughts....Paul

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My symptoms change.

sometimes it’s a racing heart rate and digestive issues.

sometimes it’s being jittery and clammy.

At the moment it’s tingling and numbness in the arms and legs which of course has set my health anxiety off more as I’m convinced it’s MS.

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Can fully empathise with you Ricman! Hand and leg tremors and when people talk I have a slight "blaring" in my left ear. Like you palpitations (missed heart beats). Even had the odd eyelid twitch. Hot flashes are my favourite... NOT 😉
I do self-talk and try and belly breathe, making sure I breathe out longer than my inhale, telling myself to relax. I have learnt a few things from Yoga. At the end of the Yoga session they do a relaxation 5-10 minute time and it has taught me to use it when I remember!
I should also be using this now as I'm going through a difficult time. Thanks for giving me a heads-up!
Take Care.

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I think I could be here all night with all the weird symptoms I get!!!

Fatigue - My eyes get tired and lose focus - Gutt pain - Not regular at all and get the runs on and off

Headaches - Muscles are tense - Jaw hurts - Shocking memory

and now since March - Pins and needles - they could be in my shoulder, my lips, some of my calf muscle, a few of my toes, my back, buzzing feeling in my toes, skin crawling in random spots but usually over my abdomen, random itches, my eyelid twitches randomly sometimes, muscle twitches, super restleless legs

I tell my husband I need to be put down

I have freaked myself out so much I think I have MS. I just saw a neurologist who thinks its all just stress/anxiety and withdrawals from my old medication. I'm getting a full body MRI and he's told me it's more so I can calm down. .. I'm still freaking out the MRI comes back with bad results.

I feel for everybody!!!!

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Does anyone ever feel really right in the biceps? I get this sometimes.

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Hi Ricman

Ive been getting the heart palpatations and can feel pounding out of my chest and in my throat. I went to the gp and wore a heart holter for 24 hrs. They picked up 4 beats that were beating faster. As a precaution lm going to see a cardiologist. Im hoping its all anxiety related plus lm also been struggling with pppd dizziness for over 17 months thats howvl got my anxiety

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Hi Jil. I wore the holter and bp monitor for 24 hours each. Just the odd extra beat and was told that is normal. My cardiologist did the exercise stress test and ultrasound on the heart and was told there is nothing to be concerned about at all.
it’s just the anxiety. And it drives me nuts lol. It’s actually gotten a lot better the last week or so and all I get now is some mild chest discomfort and a stitch in my ribs when I’m feeling anxious. And weirdly it’s those things that make me anxious. Chicken and egg.

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Hi Ricman

Thanks for your reply. Thats good hear that all was normal. ..l hope mine is the same. .lm guessing the same tests will be done on me. ..its the part where l haveto catch my breath and cough as it feels likevits in my throat.

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Hi all

My physical symptoms have been going on for about 3 weeks. They include the following:

- pins and needles/numb patches in legs

- sore muscles in my right leg

- waking up with pins and needles in my right thigh

- burning feeling in legs

No day is the same, and its never on a specific spot. I had a serious health scare a few months back and am thinking it may be residual effects of the stress that put me under.

I am getting an MRI done next week, my GP seems to think these are all stress/anxiety related but I'm absolutely petrified that is MS. Thats the problem with looking up Dr Google I guess. Will be a long wait, was hoping to get something done sooner but obviously services are very busy post covid.

Although these feelings are terrible, this thread has provided much comfort knowing that people are feeling similar symptoms.


Hi everyone! ...AMMoverthinking...Daisee....M1ssjess89....Ricman...JillG :-).....

Hey Marto9014....thankyou so much for mentioning "this thread has provided much comfort knowing that people are feeling similar symptoms" You are really proactive by seeing your GP and getting the referral for the MRI

I am only a temporary caretaker of this great thread that was written by Annabay in 2019. I used to have chronic anxiety and my physical symptoms are the same

be gentle to yourselves in this difficult time