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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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hey again Johnny, thanks for responding again.

yeah being alone can be good at times, other times it's depressing for me.

about the medication, the current one I'm taking wow, I can't even mention how crappy I feel. I feel extremely sick every day. I feel dizzy and I'm worried I'll pass out, especially on a walk and no one will find me and help. I get a dry mouth, and I seem to be feeling the heat more than usual, as in nearly passing out and I'm used to it and walking in it. I knew it was the medication because ever since I started them 2 and a bit weeks ago I've been feeling awful. I had a massive headache one night but I think that was fatigue also and I was crying. I felt so sick and I had to get up at about 4am and get stuff for it. I haven't vomited but I feel like I will every day. I walk into things. I've told my Psychiatrist all of this, I'll be starting the new one this week or something I think? I hope these are better. lower dosage but working my way up and up as the Psychiatrist said.

you're welcome for your kind words, I'm glad you appreciate it and feel the same about me, so thank you lots. yeah the GP situation sucks right now but my Psychiatrist is amazing. I hope he still wants to keep seeing me, he's never said that he doesn't want to see me but the report and referral he sent to my local biggest hospital triage said "I hope you can assist with Psychosocial services", what does that mean? does that mean he wants to help me himself and get others to help me or he doesn't want to see me any more? none of it said he didn't want to see me but that's just me thinking the worst, sigh. I was crying a lot from it and other things getting to me just before.

about changing a GP, I don't think so. there's a couple of others at the clinic but I don't know.

take care, thanks again. sorry for my venting, sigh. love and hugs back to you again xx

Tayla xo

Hi Everyone and thankyou to Annabay for the great thread topic!

Hey Tayla....Thankyou for your kind post above re Johnny's quote

This thread topic is open to all members, if you find this thread helpful with your own symptoms you are always welcome to start you own thread about your situation...just so we can make room for the new people with their own physical anxiety symptoms 🙂

my kind thoughts


Sorry Paul.

I did make some posts about my situation. But it's fine I get your point.

I think I'll go off these forums & social media for a while. Not one of those "goodbye" posts, I just can't seem to do anything right and support people although I try my hardest.


Hi everyone!

Hey Talya.....you provide a ton of peace to people on the forums...Unless I have missed something you have done everything right. Im sorry if my post appeared insensitive or awkward especially after all your continual support to others on the forums! Your thoughts are always welcome

kindest always


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Hi all some interesting reading, thanks. Never suffered with anxiety, (i am 59). Until around 3 months ago. I think it was brought on by insomnia after the sudden death of my sister 7 months ago.

My symptoms are usually triggered by a whole body sinking feeling, (like when you hear really bad news) this makes me feel anxious and comes out of nowhere, just a random sensation.

My anxiety feels like pins and needles around my eyes and nose, finger tips, feet. My mind races away with negative thinking. I also feel tight chested, and very jittery.These symptoms last around an hour or so, and tend to be in the morning or early afternoon.

I don't suffer with racing pulse or sweating.

It is all so new to me and trying to get my head around it all is adding to the anxiety. I have joined a gym and think the days i go are my better days anxiety wise.


Hi mb20lover,

its great to hear from you again.

On those hard days at home, get out and about somewhere, even sitting at the park does wonders. I’ve recently learnt about meditation and have taken it outside, it’s great so I recommend it to everyone. There’s lots of free videos on YouTube about it too:)

I’m sorry the medication has been working for you but glad to hear you have a new one on the way to try. Be patient, you CAN do it! Keeping a diary about how you feel is important but never focus on what you wrote once you close the book if that makes sense, focus on positive things.

i can only say, ask your psychiatrist about what he meant. If questions like that go round and round in your head, right them down and ask because it gets them off your mind....and you feel better.

i don’t mind listening to the venting, we all need too and that’s what this is all about.

Aww thankyou, throwing them right back at you again xo take care of yourself:)

Hi Paul, sorry for just replying now. Yeah your comment was a bit insensitive to me, but that's fine I suppose. I probably just took it the wrong way so apologies.

I took a bit of a break from these forums anyway. But I get what you mean, stay on topic and stuff like that.


Hi Johnny.

Sorry for just replying now, I took a bit of a break from these forums, so apologies. Thank you for replying to me again though.

Yeah I do exercise daily, well walk anyway. I have an exercise bike in the house but I don't use that much, I'm so unfit, and I eat junk. Probably defeats the purpose of walking & probably doesn't help, sigh.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try and do some of those. Depends how I'm feeling & what I feel like doing, if anything really. Like most people I guess?

Thank you, I hope the new medication works too. I'll be seeing my GP tomorrow then starting the new meds on either Feb 1 or 2. So I guess it'll be a while before they start to work, if they help. Low dosage to start with then if I can tolerate the 2 other higher dosages my Psychiatrist recommended, I guess we'll see. I hope I don't feel as horrible as the ones I'm on now.

Yeah I'll do that about the diary and writing stuff down. By asking my Psychiatrist that question, what question do you mean exactly - saying I feel like he doesn't want to see me anymore (that's probably me being paranoid & assuming the worst which I can't help), or other questions/things to say, or all of those?

Thanks, hope you're alright. Love and hugs back.


Hi everyone and thankyou Annabay for the helpful thread topic too!

Hey Rob....my condolences for the sudden loss of your sister....that would still be a recent wound to heal I just turned 60 and anxiety is awful to have especially when it affects our day to day well being. Just as per my experience with anxiety the tight chest feelings and the jitters are signs that our adrenaline is working overtime. I do hope you can stick around the forums Rob...(only if you wish of course) Thankyou for your post!

Hey Tayla......please excuse my Typo with your name...on the 28th Jan...oops!

Hey Johnny.....Great to have you as part of the Beyond Blue forums too 🙂


Hey there Tayla,

Please don't leave the forums ! You're such a sweet and helpful girl and I have enjoyed chatting to you at the BB café.

Paul just meant that this particular thread is very 'specific' and not so much 'conversational'. This thread is particularly great for people experiencing health anxiety, they can quite quickly read the myriad of symptoms that anxiety throws our way and eliminate sinister health concerns, without sifting through long conversations. Your post on January 24 where you listed your symptoms was perfect for this thread!

I hope you are doing ok Tayla and look forward to having a cuppa with you at the café.

Massive calm vibes getting sent your way.