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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Like everyone else I experience similar physical symptoms. They range from mild to extreme.

stomach ache>flushed hot face>increased body temperature >right shoulder tip pain (?)> shaking>increased heart rate, respirations etc> chest pain> nausea etc.

the only thing that seems to help me is either let it all out in the form of sobbing, pushing it down, or distraction therapy in the way of music

Hi Ammoverthinking

Yes l have had this many times. ..not necessarily a smoke smell but other weird ones...its a strange sympton.Im told its the anxiety. Im currently getting heart palpatations and like a tickle in the throat that catches my breath. There is always something to desl with.

Nice to know we are not alone.

Hi Everyone and thankyou for sharing these awful feelings of anxiety.....All posts help others know they are not alone on this Rocky road

Hey Funbot.....I hear you loud and clear about fear of heights.....ugh!!

Hey May Tee Tee....great point on using CBT..(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)....excellent

Hey StrugglingEll.....you are not alone with your symptoms...I used to have the same and there are heaps of members in this thread that also suffer the same...Good1 using the power of distraction using music πŸ™‚

Hey JillG...always great to have your input on the forums!....The heart palpitations can be a bit scary when we are new to them..harmless as they are

thankyou amazing members!


Hello everyone!

New members are always welcome to post their anxiety symptoms! Sometimes it can be beneficial to talk/write about these symptoms

Thanks to Annabay for writing this super helpful thread topic πŸ™‚

my kind thoughts always...Paul

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Hi all,

I often feel like I’m downing and gasping for breath. I also feel the anxiety rise from deep inside my tummy and race to my heart causing my heart to race.
It’s worse when things are not going right or I’m not feeling in control.

it’s not a nice feeling

Marto, these are some of the same feelings i get (it’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one).. The numbness in my face, tingling lips, sharp nerve pain, sometime palpitations, sometimes elevated heart rate. My doctor had me tested for MS and they came back negative, though I may just have nerve damage. I’ve had CT’s, xrays, mri, blood tests and it came back I have panic attacks now. We were in the middle of the fires and working in a hospital with COVID around is the main cause. I’m so glad I read your post tonight, it has made me feel so much better and releaved as the panic attacked were heightened tonight for some reason. PS - here’s a tip, don’t mentioned to a doctor or nurse you went onto dr google, they don’t like it.

Thankyou Everyone for helping out and posting your symptoms of anxiety!

Hi Case83...Welcome to the forums and thankyou for your post too...I understand your symptoms as I used to have exactly the same feelings....These are temporary yet when these symptoms start to have a negative effect on our day to day ability to function seeing our doctor is always a huge help!

my kind thoughts....Paul

Hi Booshark

Thankyou for having the courage to post and replying to Marto9014 too! I also had the same symptoms as yourself and they were awful to go through..ugh!

Its only my humble opinion that using Google for our mental health symptoms is unhelpful as doing so can exacerbate our symptoms. I think using Google for basic physical ailments is okay though

Thankyou again for your valued input Booshark πŸ™‚


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say I am so glad I am not alone in all this.

I think I had my first panic attack or anxiety attack yesterday. I've been so stressed last 6 months have been absolutely chaotic for me and my family so not jist myself and I can say I do kick back and watch tv stay in bed a little longer talk regularly with friends and family but I've been under tremendous mental stress due to things happening in my extended family but I think it finally caught up with me after pushing myself for months to just keep going. Yesterday i had a lovely breakfast with my parents followed by some alone time and then a late lunch with my inlaws just us nobody else but on the way home i went into panic modeand i just wanted to come home so badly so i could cry and let it all out.
You see after all our stress i finally had a sigh of relief last week and then my daughter elbowed me very bad and a few days later i got 2 lumps in my breast and i immediately just felt a huge wave of panic and fear hit me and since then which was 5 days ago i have been suffocating from the anxiety. I am waiting to get a scan although my gp said i dont need one feels like damaged tissue i pushed for it but then i had a huge meltdown last night because since i found those lumps i have been so anxious my feet started tingling and now its randomly all over my body...feet hands face abdomen. I was hyperventilating and i felt like collapsijg and just crying crawling into bed but now after my husband consoled me i feel ok just very tired and down my body feels heavy but the tingling is coming and going and i cant calm down because I'm now scared it's something else. This has never happened before it's very scary. My gp is closed today but i fele i need to rush around now getting 500 scans and tests to give myself peace of mind. If I didn't have these tingles id say im pretty much ok. Has anyone experienced body tingles for several days after persistent stress mentally?

May Tee Tee
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" Just Breathe "

My thoughts are with you and this time will pass.

Take small steps and focus on the small special moments in your life. Your family are supporting.