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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Great topic guys, and a variety of symptoms! For me, it would be speech related, like I would forget what I was saying and rather than stutter I become forgetful and go on a tangent because I lose my train of thought.

I also physically lose my balance so I need to be wearing flat shoes or I fall backwards when I’m anxious. With my mouth, rather than go dry it does the opposite. Sometimes I get the shakes from anxiety too.

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Sick feeling

The feeling to run or hide

Chattering teeth

Sometimes a sense of being far away

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Hi Paul

How did you get rid of your anxiety? I was 8 years free, but it came back again after a further trauma.

right now, I need some positivity that this won’t be permanent. It’s all day every day currently.

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I get the same.. blurry vision..& it can last all day...

Hi everyone and thanks for being a part of Annabays helpful thread topic too!

Hey Gellical Cat and thankyou for the kind feedback too...I hear you loud and clear about losing balance and the shakes too....ugh! The over supply of adrenaline can allow these symptoms to happen unfortunately. Once again very common with anxiety

Hey Shelll...your symptoms are also a part of this horrible anxiety...feeling distant and the chattering teeth are very familiar to me as well....Thankyou for your valued input Shelly

Missy72 asked an excellent question 'How did you get rid of your anxiety?...Thats a huge question yet a very important one so I will only cover some brief points that have helped me heal from my own chronic anxiety issues over 37 years (as people have varying levels of anxiety symptoms)

  • It took me 13 years to accept that I couldnt self heal with my own anxiety levels...(probably denial..my bad)
  • Having wonderful care from 2 GP's that persevered with me.. when I was in denial
  • Avoiding (where possible) toxic or overly critical people....they dont help our recovery
  • Accepting our anxiety symptoms and not 'fighting' them...Fighting anxiety only intensifies the symptoms
  • Being 'Gentle' to ourselves and seeing our GP (or counsellor) as frequently as we can for a 'tune up'

Health professionals have mentioned to me..many times...'If our anxiety starts to have a detrimental impact on our day to day well being and ability to function effectively we need to seek assistance. In a nutshell....anxiety is temporary and can be treated...It does take time..patience and a strong dedication to heal

sorry all for the long post...I hope some of that was helpful...my kind thoughts...Paul

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Physical feelings of panic

Hit my head with my hands.
Feeling my blood pressure is higher than normal. On meds for this.
Rapid pulse.
Emotionally thinking i am going mad and hate myself.

Getting dusty

Hi Rusty girl....I hear you loud and clear about the rapid pulse and the BP being higher than normal..You arent going mad at all....Its the awful roller coaster ride of anxiety feelings.....Your symptoms are the same as mine used to be...Please dont hate yourself....

Annabay wrote this thread in October 2019 and thankyou for your valued post...I am sure we have spoken before...Its great to have you as part of the Beyond Blue forum family Rusty 🙂

my kindest...Paul

Re physical feelings of anxiety

Thanks for your thoughts. I wish I could overcome them, but find it hard to change. In addition I have a form of agoraphobia which causes me anxiety so feel trapped.

I guess there is no quick fix so will hope to manage it as best I can. You are lucky you have overcome yours.

I have been here a few times trying to sort out my life. Still work in progress.


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Hello just thought I would post this incase it's helpful to someone else.

Just a couple of days ago, I had been with someone who experienced many different symptoms such as:

... tightness in the chest area over where his heart is

... lightheaded

... clammy skin

... Increased heart rate

... sweating

... a feeling of being cold

... Nausea

... pain in the shoulder

... feeling really tired,

.... Passed out

Anyway he was admitted into hospital to see if his heart was OK. Seen by a cardiologist.He was told he did not have a heart attack.

I researched symptoms of a heart attack... all those symptoms could indicate one.

I also researched anxiety and stress related symptoms. They can be extremely similar to a heart attack. And sometimes the person thinks they are actually having one.

My friend will be having a further heart test where they inject dye into the arteries do see if there are any blockages. Just to rule this out.

But yeah the doctors told him he did not have a heart attack. My friend said to me it was anxiety /stress related.

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My physical feelings all kind of connect and I think I'd say it's almost like I forget how to function? Sometimes I walk jerkily, I don't know how to position my hands or feet or head or how I should sit, I start breathing heavily and out of pace. It's as if everything becomes unnatural and I have to work for it, but I can never get it right.