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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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glandular fever can mess you up for a LONG time. There is this thing could post viral syndrome where the symptoms of the virus just casually and randomly throw us under the bus sometimes for days.

Something to consider is sleep apnoea, which can FEEL like good sleep, but just isnt, so we suffer through the day. I was convinced I had type 2 diabetes, but my bloods were fine, my sleep was interrupted by 19 apnoeas an hour. Sleep apnoea is not all about snoring, it's about sleep quality and snoring is only one symptom.

Not everything is in our heads. Gook luck finding your answer

that guy
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Hi PeterBa

That's the thing with Anxiety Symptoms, they just feel so real, and its hard to pinpoint what could be causing them, however your doing the right thing by getting the tests done! Its the same with me, most possible causes so far have come up Negative. However Like Johnny_ I was struck with Glandular fever in November and struck with Gastro the day I was diagnosed (Talk about a double Whammy) its likely the post viral is also contributing to these symptoms.

As for medication I am on Antidepressants, but I won't say which one! I only went on them on Monday, so I'm dealing with some side effects atm, but this is one I've been on before, and has helped with both Anxiety and Symptoms.

Hi Again Johnny_ Sorry to hear your still having Symptoms, if it makes you feel better, I'm still having them aswell, it got pretty bad yesterday, so much so that I couldn't concentraite at all yesterday! But strangley they were pretty much gone by the time I went to bed, and even today they've been very minimal! Its crazy!

Hi Lady Nova
That's EXACTLY what my doctor said when I was diagnosed! she was not expecting that diagnosis as she honestly thought it was a deficiency of some kind. She has told me to prepare to be tired for at least 6 months..... Crazy how one illness can mess things up. What didn't help is while I was recovering, I was struck with Gastro, which I think made things worse!

Hi Lady Nova,

thankyou for your reply. It’s always nice to hear others experiences.

ive heard that once you get past the main part of glandular, it can be triggered by stress and cause all sorts of issues.

I had a psych app today and after that app and my drs app this afternoon, it looks like stress has bought on glandular.

Im watch my diet, use stress reducing techniques and try to get good sleep...this is what works for me but is slow...so patients is the key.

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Hello that guy,

thanks for the referral to this post, it’s opened my eyes.

sorry to hear your still very up and down...somehow we and everyone will get through this.

just remember glandular is a sensitive beast and if you push, it pushes back. I can only suggest to run on 70% of your energy, spread your food out, and get enough quality sleep....my dr said keep it simple...this is what I do and it really does make a difference when all three are going well.

i had an off sleep last night and today I have those forehead tingles and tight neck muscles...otherwise my energy was stable throughout the day...one day at a time my friend.

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This particular thread has to be one of the more powerful ones for sure. Just for the pure fact that those worrying about sinister physical illnesses due to weird anxiety symptoms would most definitely find some peace of mind here. I have. Even my most unusual symptoms are listed somewhere here amongst peoples replies. It makes me feel not so isolated. Hats off to annabay opening this discussion.

Mil, you have mentioned 2 symptoms which I don't hear so much bout and both of which I experience off and on. The migraines with visual aura being one, especially coupled with the speech difficulty. I lost my ability to form sentences during one of these and was taken to ER , thorough testing was done and I was physically fine, it was put down to migraines likely brought on by anxiety. The other is the loss of limb strength, for months I felt my left arm was weaker, it went away as fast as it came but in the last few days I have had the sensation come back again. I has so much trouble believing these symptoms were anxiety at first.

Thoughts are with everyone struggling to cope with the myriad of symptoms that come with anxiety 🙂

Hi Everyone! Its great to see so many new members post their symptoms! You are helping others by letting them know they are not alone by having these awful symptoms 🙂

Hey Calmseeker thankyou for mentioning "This particular thread has to be one of the more powerful ones for sure"

Calmseeker also mentioned "Hats off to Annabay opening this discussion"....Really appreciate you acknowledging Annabay as the person who created this excellent thread...Nice1


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Hey everyone,

It's great seeing all the answers and testimonies - I hadn't realised how common these symptoms are amongst people with anxiety! It sucks but it's also kind of reassuring in a weird way. We're not alone and we're not just "imagining" (it'd be weird to all imagine the same kind of things right?!).

I do think it's very important, once you have found a GP you trust, to check in with them regularly about these symptoms while being transparent about our suspicions that they might anxiety-related. If it's "just" anxiety, it's still important for them to know for their own reference, plus they might have good tips or referrals to help. And this way they're up to date and can better diagnose any possible physical condition too! It can be quite hard to find a good GP though, good luck for the ones who are still on the hunt for a nice doc!

Thank you to all who have shared their experience of the weird burning sensation 🙂 I feel better about it now.

And for migraines with aura/tingling/speech or movement loss, according to the emergency doctor I had seen when it happened to me it's indeed a type of panic attack that is apparently related to epilepsy! But thankfully not chronic. He said it's often a once or twice occurence for people around 25-35. I haven't done any research on it though so just repeating what he had told me there.

Thanks @BlondGuy for the tips too! I didn't know the golf ball feeling could be related to reflux, I'll see if reflux meds can help next time...

Sending my best to all!

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Champion Alumni

Hi Mil!

No worries at all 🙂

Thankyou for the complimentary post...Its always a bonus to have feedback that a thread is reassuring and helpful

my kind thoughts


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Hi everybody! The most consistent physical symptoms for me is muscle twitches and pins and needles sensations. Ugh they suck so much!

But the worst and thankfully least symptom I get is a sensation of choking and not being able to swallow. I've only had that once but it last for about 5 months or so.

Was terrifying but thankfully, it passed and hasn't came back. Phew!

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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would contribute to this thread with my own symptoms as well as seek some advice.
My usual symptoms from day to day include headaches, lightheadedness, blurred vision and nausea. Each day it can be so on and off it's hard to keep up.
Yesterday I felt great, whereas today I woke up feeling extremely anxious and it has now led to extreme lightheadedness. The hardest part is that I can't pinpoint any triggers besides being anxious to my own symptoms and how I might feel today. It is a hard cycle to break, that continues to fuel the anxious thoughts.

Curious how everyone else deals with anxiety flaring up on some days. It can be so frustrating as it greatly affects my mood and unfortunately that impacts with work and those who I socialise with. The usual meditation can ground me a bit more, but its the flare up of those symptoms I can't shake until much later on.