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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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Hello Annabay, some great replies back to you as well as to the many others suffering from anxiety.

OCD can be a form of unwanted recurring and persistent thoughts, urges or impulses by having obsessions, compulsions or unfortunately, both, which cause great anxiety and distress and will create a physical feeling related to this disorder.

When someone is unable to perform their habit/ritual, then these feelings may cause physical symptoms, such as a fast heart rate and shakiness and can keep you from carrying on with your life normally.

Best wishes.


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Hi Geoff , I’m a bit of a newby at this , first question is if I reply to you do the other guys see it ? And on the subject of physical feelings I myself have this very nervous / tense feeling all over my body which comes and goes depending on mood , scenario / busy at work etc , tiredness , if I don’t eat to well / drink to much ( but can manage everything in moderation ) I’m on medication and it says one side affect MAY be anxiety , I’m more than productive at home / kids and socially and work ( now ! But earlier ) but it is a bit of an effort to get going sometimes and this is my first stint with anxiety/ depression ? hence receiving plenty of support and treatment. I’ve read it before and it does seem selfish but it’s good to know I’m not alone and everyone is different

Hi Timmy1

Even though Annabay wrote this thread on Oct 22nd we can see your post and Welcome to the forums too 🙂

Always great to have newbies Timmy1.....If we didnt have new members posting the forums wouldnt exist

So you can have more specific responses to your own situation you are welcome to start your own thread if you wish

Great to have you on the forums!


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For me the physical manifestation I can only describe as a cold, rushing sensation in the chest. I'm told that's adrenaline. A friend of mine used the term "flooding" to describe it in it's constant mode.

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My symptoms - constant sighing and yawning, trying to get the peak breath. Which ends up making my jaw and chest hurt.

And because my anxiety alters my breathing (in my mind) I'm constantly aware of my surroundings; where is the nearest hospital? Where is the closest door/toilet if I need to escape? etc

It's been happening for the past 2 months after I experienced a particular rough panic attack, and it's just exhausting!

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Hi smcg10,

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine... although I've never actually been diagnosed!

I had a large panic attack at the start of 2019, which completely altered my life - but mostly my breathing, it's almost like I've needed to re-learn how to breathe.

My symptoms are shortness of breath, heart palpitations, constant back pain and jaw pain as well as some dizziness. Tried to find something physically wrong with myself for so long but being in denial never helped. I suffer from at least one of these symptoms everyday, but have learnt to manage.

Agreed, it's very exhausting... no wonder my body is always tense!

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Hello Timmy, I'm sorry I haven't got back to you and yes if you reply back to me then everybody who wants to read a thread is able to read what you've said.

That maybe good because what you do say may help someone who's hiding away and too frightened to make a comment, so it may help draw them out and join in.

Any side-effects from medication will be listed in their pamphlet but it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen to you, the company has to list all of what may happen, only for legal reasons and to protect them legally.

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Champion Alumni

This is the second time my comments have gone through, so Ill have to check with BB why it's happening.

Are you able to start your own thread, simply because comments made on somebody else's thread do get lost and not answered, so please let us know.

Take care.


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Hi Geoff

Any side-effects from medication will be listed in their pamphlet but it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen to you, the company has to list all of what may happen, only for legal reasons and to protect them legally.

This is sort of true but only in legal terms . For example in there would be increased anxiety and depression which is only two things but would include many things in themselves .

I believe that the powers that be need to fund a mental health diary that a person can write in things that happen after they start a med so that a doctor can see what may have changed from the medication . As much as people just dont want to talk about it they do cause side effects if they dont agree with you but then the correct one will cause very little .

One with me caused me to be manic on a very low dose within hours , where as one i took gave me no side effects.

Doctors need to listen to the people they are treating and i think a diary would be a great help with this.

cheers kev

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I get the typical nauseous feeling in my stomach and being generally confused/clouded thoughts.

If my anxiety is moving towards a panic attack, it usually starts with a hot feeling around my neck area and moves to being short of breath, nauseous, sweating profusely and a somewhat irrational and immediate desire to 'get out of there'. (i.e. leave whatever area I'm in regardless of what that is)