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Travel Helped Me Break Free of Anxiety

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Hi everyone, I wanted to start a discussion about how traveling has helped me break free of my anxiety-ridden mindset. While anxiety is still an everyday challenge, discovering new places gave me an outlet and a fresh perspective to better cope.


When planning a trip, just having something exciting to look forward to lifted my mood during stressful times. Being immersed in new environments provided a healthy distraction from worries. It engaged my mind in the present instead of getting stuck in thoughts about the past or future.


Not only did the physical change of scenery calm my racing thoughts, it also helped me gain a new appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Meeting people so different from me yet similar in so many ways eased my social anxiety. Overall, travel left me feeling grateful instead of anxious.


Of course, it depends on the individual experience. Too ambitious a plan could potentially cause more stress. But in general, getting out of routines and comfort zones has done wonders for my mental wellbeing. It gives me renewed confidence that I can handle life's challenges.


Has anyone else used traveling to better manage anxiety? I'd love to hear your experiences and how exploring new places has helped your mental health and outlook.

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Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad to hear that traveling has helped you cope with your anxiety. I can relate to some of the benefits you mentioned, such as having something to look forward to and being more mindful of the present moment.


I also think that traveling can help us challenge our negative beliefs and fears. For example, when we face a difficult situation in a foreign country, we can learn to overcome it and realize that we are more capable than we thought. This can boost our self-esteem and resilience.


Traveling can also expose us to different cultures and lifestyles, which can broaden our perspective and make us more empathetic and tolerant. We can appreciate the diversity of human experiences and realize that there is no one right way to live. This can reduce our stress and anxiety about fitting in or meeting expectations.


Of course, traveling is not a cure-all for anxiety, and it may not work for everyone. Some people may find traveling too overwhelming or stressful, especially if they have severe anxiety or other mental health issues. In that case, it may be better to seek professional help or find other coping strategies that suit them better.


But for those who enjoy traveling and find it helpful, I think it’s a great way to improve our mental health and wellbeing. I’m curious to know where you have traveled and what were some of the memorable experiences you had. Do you have any tips or recommendations for other travelers who struggle with anxiety?

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i went on my first trip in a few months ago and I had the best time. Travelled by myself, away from my family for the first time for 2 1/2 weeks. 
Before I went away, my anxiety wasn’t too bad. Since I’ve been back, I’m really struggling… I feel like I can’t do anything by myself. I’ve tired to do little things like going to a different shopping canter for lunch or going to the beach and I can’t do it. I’ve freaked out and gone straight into an attack. I want to do things by myself. I really do, I just can’t seem to do it. 

have you had any experiences like this? 

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Yeah it can help you a lot for sure.

l remember my older brother coming back yrs ago from a pretty big trip actually and saying he felt like he could take on the world now where as before hand he'd had some problems.

And l found the freedom of it myself too was just beautiful that was the biggest thing l loved personally.

And these days now, my daughter has been travelling a bit too of late and she'd been having a lot of problems last few yrs prior. But having a go at these things she'd been wanting to do, plucking up the courage and being out there,l'm just so proud of her she's done so well and it's really helped her so much.


Not everyone's wants or cup of tea l know but really, l say if you'd really like to, then go somewhere, give it ago.



Thanks for sharing your perspective! I traveled to South Korea last August and it was amazing for my anxiety. Being in a completely different environment took my mind off worries.


The people were so warm and welcoming too. As an outsider it was comforting to feel included. My favorite experience was a homestay - it really showed me another way to live.


I think facing unfamiliar situations abroad helps anxiety in the long run. It proves to yourself that you can cope. Do you ever find certain types of travel particularly helpful? I'm hoping to start small with nearby weekend trips then work up to another culture.

Hi there op.

Personally l loved going anywhere oz most,  there's lots to see and feel and half the fun is getting there to me.Whether wkend or 6mths, and l love driving myself, so much fun. lf l couldn't drive think l'd bus and train , a lot freer and more real than flying and you still see it all too.

Just me of course but l couldn't handle going os any more these days myself.

Was invited to Japan over Dec my gf has to go over , know l'll probably kick myself but l just don't feel like it .

bUT l could imagine for anyone that does love going os it'd be really exiting stuff.


All the best.


Hey Splinter, I can totally relate to that post-trip anxiety. The first time I traveled solo was really eye-opening for my independence too.


When I got back home, just going to the grocery store by myself felt so daunting at first. A few panic attacks later and I was wondering if I'd ever adjust again!


What helped me was easing back into it slowly. Maybe start with short solo outings near home, then work up from there. Also having a friend to text or meet up with gave me reassurance.


It just takes practice to rebuild that confidence after stretching your limits. Be patient with yourself - you've achieved so much already. Keep taking those little steps and before you know it, you'll be your capable travelling self again. We've got this!

It's awesome to hear travel has been so beneficial for your family members too, randomxx. Freedom and a sense of achievement really do wonders for anxiety.


I'm glad your daughter was able to push past fear and reap those mental health rewards from her trips. She must be so proud of herself. It's also great you're so supportive - I'm sure that gives her courage to keep putting herself out there.


Where has she most enjoyed traveling to so far? Sometimes a new place is all it takes to break us from old mindsets. The world feels much bigger once anxiety's no longer holding us back from experiences.

I hear you on preferring to drive and take trains over flying sometimes randomxx. There is something so freeing about road trips! Oz does have so much beauty to see that way too.


Japan does seem really interesting but also overwhelming possibly. Have you considered a shorter international trip to ease back into traveling abroad? Maybe a weekend in a closer location could help build your confidence.


At the same time, it's good to listen to your own comfort levels. Doing something that causes too much stress defeats the purpose! What sort of lowkey trips have you enjoyed most in Aus? Nature always helps my anxiety personally.

Hi there op and just to splinter too l'm sorry to hear you dropped back when you got home again,for me it's actually helped all that.

hI op and thanks for that and my d and what have you too. She's driven up the east cost and all over vic too and Tassie, loves Tassie.

But yeah , l don't feel up to Japan , tbh l have zero interest in going anywhere os now, l kinda feel grounded to our Australian land now,the earth. l feel as though l couldn't abandon it and have no interest in leaving it any more.

lt's really hard to say with oz for me.Lived up Nth qld for 3yrs really loved that but the heat was killin me , often wondered if l should've persisted.

love parts of Vic too and sa.


Weird,l have to do a lot of across state vic trips to somewhere for work , which l use to love but this last yr or so l've been getting a lot of anxiety about the few trips l have had to do of late and haven't wanted to go. l've still done them but been really relieved to get home l tell ya, and haven't enjoyed them at all.The work trips can be very stressful , l think that's the part l can;t handle any more, just over it.

lt's not like just driving somewhere for fun, it's work and as l say stressful so yeah pretty sure that's the part l've had enough of.