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Too scared to sleep.

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This all started when my GP found my BP a bit elevated. I went on Thursday to a different GP cause mine is on holidays but coming back on Tuesday before he leaves again. I want to do a mental health plan, I honestly don't want him to check my BP but he will and I'll probably have another panic attack.

I bought a BP monitor cause GP told me to monitor it, but I have been over doing it. I have stopped now cause everytime I checked it the 2nd and 3rd reading of BP would drop a lot and one of the counsellors explained it drops cause I panic. Now I  afraid to sleep, just in case in my sleep it drops, plus so wound up I can't close my eyes and when I do a flood panic comes over me.

I am single and I feel lonely, even though I live with my parents, but both are up in years. My Mother also suffers from depression, but I need her help and comfort. But she has a also effected by the way I am and so it my father.

So no sleep for the last 24 and I feel so tired, please help me! Will I ever fall asleep again?

I worry something bad is going to happen to me from the lack of no sleep. Also what comes to mind is, waking up anxious, that scares me a lot. Please help, please 

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Hello Freya, I know with my BP it changes considerably because I have atrial fibrillation which you can google, and a condition which many people have, so when I go to hospital (not because of depression) I tell the nurse I have 'af' whuich means my blood  can vary at any stage.

Please check this out and get back to us.


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Hi Geoff.

It's me Geoff, I create these dramas for myself. I worry about everything and I don't do well with change.

What scares me is I want to sleep but I get so anxious that panic takes over and I jolt and heart races. I am scared it is going to kill me

HI Freya

Just wondering, have you tried deep breathing and/ or mindfulness?  Both are really good for anxiety.

Also, I don't know if you are aware but worrying about physiological anxiety is classed as secondary anxiety - which only heightens the overall anxiety experience. 


There is a really good book that you can order online (the author is deceased) that I think you would find really beneficial. It's called Hope and Help for Your Nerves - by Dr Claire Weekes.  It's only about $25