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Palpations and too anxious to sleep

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Hi I am new, first post. I am 49 yr female  I worry and obsess overthink about everything.

I recently went with my father to get a check up and I was anxious for him. He is fine, where's GP found my BP elevated, but he said, he isn't overly concerned . Told me to buy a BP machine and that I should keep a eye on it, so far good. Problem is because I am so anxious now, only sleep about 2 hours. I am tired I want to sleep more, but panic floods me and my palpations get worse, so I stay awake. Today been awake since 1am.

Is anyone else going throw this?. Thank you Freya




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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Freya,


A warm welcome to you. I am sorry you have been experiencing some struggles. I am not going through this, but I do have anxiety. My recommendation would be to go back to the GP and let them know about the anxiety - if the anxiety makes things worse, then that might need to be addressed. 


I hope things improve soon,

Jaz xx

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Freya,

I would also like to welcome you to our forums,


I’m sorry your anxiety is keeping you from getting some quality sleep…

I also have anxiety and at times when my thoughts are racing around my head constantly when I’m trying to go to sleep, I distract them by listening to sleep stories on YouTube…My mind does move away from the story I’m listening to, but I pull myself up and put my concentration back to listening to the story.


When anxious thoughts are a constant, we need to try to distract our thoughts onto something else when we’re trying to sleep, like sleep stories, gentle music, meditation or full body scans..it takes practice to keep our concentration on these things, over time it gets easier and hopefully one of them will help you drift off into a deep sleep….


We also have a thread titled “Sleep” by Doolholf…many beautiful community members have left some great suggestions about sleep…


Talk here whenever you feel up to it, we are all here to help support you the best we can..


My kindest thoughts Dear Freya with my care..