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Sour stomach

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Hi there, 

my anxiety is spiraling, in the past few days I am struggling to get through daily tasks, I’ve had a medication change and the side effects feel like they are making my anxiety worse, I suffer from health anxiety and it’s being amplified at the moment, my stomach is so sour and I feel so nauseous all I want to do is lay in bed, has anyone else experienced this? What did you do/eat to help?

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I’m sorry to hear you were feeling like this, did things manage to get a bit better through the week? 
I hope so, 


wag x

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It did thankfully,my stomach has calmed and my anxiety has as well, not better but definitely on the mend. Thank you for asking 😊

Community Champion
Community Champion

hi there,


anxiety can definitely manifest in physical ways. i often feel sick, have shortness of breath, and have headaches if I have anxiety. this is usually one of the tell tale signs that i know it's anxiety.  it's no fun, i am sorry you are experiencing that.


usually i wait until it passes, and work on my strategies to help that. when im feeling better i will resume normal activities. if its not getting better, i would see your doctor about it.


i hope it improves soon,

jaz xx