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Dealing with AD HD symptoms, rolled into depression and anxiety massively so

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Not getting any help with this, feeling like people are starting to be cynical about my mental health again. But is incredibly difficult when some of these same people are just "suppressive" and "dont care", then also "want me to speak out". People cant manipulate what you say, if it comes to feelings I just think the only reasonable thing would be is not swearing and trying not to be harsh, rude. Otherwise negative things, negativity is just becoming a part of my life again. Just how it is, anyone else here agree with this? Let me know and your thoughts on how you'd improve yourself. In this situation  

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Sorry guys that I havent made this post specifically about anxiety, but yeah the anxiety is there. From being "unable" to freely speak out, in a respectful manner about how Im going personally to anyone really- be it professional/not  

I wish I knew a wise way to help you Stephen, but I read your post and I totally hear you 

Sorry couldn’t be more help tonite, having a bit of a spiral moment myself but hopefully you’re seeing things with more clarity today? 

wag x 

Hey Wag all good mate, yeah sort of more clarity but people will still fire up back at me I reckon. Oh well Im not dying without trying as they say, well Im definitely not gloomy at all like that. But yeah not giving in to people trying to bring me down, anyway yeah nice of you to respond. All the best