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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas for helping you manage symptoms of anxiety. Feel free to add to the list, or let us know what works for you...

Mindfulness – Grounding exercises: noticing your environment, bodily sensations, and breath

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Creating a Tension and Release effect with all the muscles in the body

Opposite Actions – By listening to calming music, taking a walk, talking, enjoying sunshine

Safe Place Mental Imagery – Visualising a place where you can go in your mind to feel safe

Calming Affirmations – To help recognise that the moment of panic will pass

Exercise – A valuable way to exhaust excess adrenalin built up in the body


[Moderator's note: this thread is for sharing what has worked for you to manage your anxiety. If you need support to manage your anxiety and would like to discuss this with the community, please start a new thread.

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Hi Bluekimba 🙂

Pardon my absence I had a few classes to attend.

As you mentioned exercise when you have 3 little ones, please don't worry so much about it. I have to admit that sometimes even though I am feeling good I don't exercise as much. I have a niece and I find that by copying her eating habits helped.

For example eating smaller amounts regularly.

Making food more interesting.

Staying hydrated

This might sound weird but also freeing up time for games helped. Even chasing your kids around when you feel well enough can be counted as exercise.

Totally understand that not feeling up to exercise, I hope you found some of my insights to be helpful. Good luck with everything.


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Hi everyone

I have found that exercise helps in keeping my anxiety in check. And watching what I eat as well. Skipping a day or two is not a huge deal, but ongoing it just doesn't work. Being in the sunshine, avoiding too much sugar and staying hydrated helps a lot. Also, being out with a friend, who doesn't judge, is good therapy. Often we talk about his day and his challenges. It does take to focus off me. Which I find is a welcome relief.

Have you tried a guided meditation? It gives your mind something to follow rather than floating free. I'm also partial to some mantras on YouTube

Panic attacks and nervousness recently which lasted 3 days is very new to me, .Blood tests showed i was very low in Vit D B12 I have also started taking Magnesium Calm .Have started Tapping which brought me straight back to earth the other night.

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Very new to panic attacks and recently nervousness / anxiety which lasted 3 days. I walked to stop the jitters, . I got on YouTube and looked up Tapping lots there but I found a guy named Brad was straight to the point. I felt myself getting panicky while falling asleep so did this tapping and I came straight out of it. I also have to have a light on so If I wake at night i can see. I also listen to a mantra with background music. Also talking myself telling me there is nothing to panic about. The other thing is i ring my niece and talk. You have to get your mind off it. Good luck everyone it is a horrible thing. I'm on my own which sometimes makes me freak out more.

I was the same with the B12. One of the worst periods of anxiety I have ever had in my life and my doc checked B12. She said it was ridiculously low and so was my iron. It took ages to get it to a healthy level. And just because you eat a balanced diet doesn't mean that you are good at absorbing the vitamins. Some people are meticulous with their diet and still are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals that worsen anxiety.

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Has anybody heard of Paul david and his book (at last a life) it basically explains anxiety

Hi Julia,

I have used the Sarah Edelman CD and found it very beneficial. I also recommend The Meditation Podcast and Meditation Oasis, both easily found and free to download. My go to book has always been Self Help For Your Nerves by the late Dr Claire Weekes, written many years ago but as helpful and as relevant as it was when first published. Her mantra, float and let time pass and the panic and anxiety will pass. It always does.

Hope this is of some assistance. Continued good wishes for your journey towards wellness.

Kind regards, Guy.

Hi there,

Remember, you are never alone. Someone will always be here to talk and help. I've fought anxiety for nigh on 25 years and it comes and goes and I've learned the signs and triggers. I can recommend plenty of things that might help, mostly of a meditative and wellness nature. I try to avoid medication if I can but am currently going through a period where I find it necessary.

Stay strong, have faith and never give up. Always here to talk if needed.

All my best.


Going outside and taking a few deep breaths - breath in through your nose for a count of 5, then out through your mouth for a count of 7.

CDs with natures sounds on them: I find them to be really helpful. I have a number of them actually. Things like sounds of waves, wind in the trees, birdsong, water flowing, things like that. Very restful and calming. The real thing would be just as good - take a walk on the beach, a walk along a tranquil river.

See if that helps .......