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Scared :-((((

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I am new to here and just want to get off my chest what has been happening to me for the past few months as its scaring the hell out of me!!!
I got a new job and this is where everything started.... I would and still get hot and cold flushes, dizzy spells, nausea.......I was that bad a few weeks ago I thought I was going to die!! It was my birthday and I was driving home, got stuck in traffic and then it hit like a ton of bricks.....I went all hot that I had to strip my jumper off and open the window, it was a cold day too!  By the time I got home I was shaking, white and freezing cold! I felt warm but I was like ice inside....my doona, my winter dressing gown and windcheater didn't warm me up at all!!!
I have been for blood tests to see if I was going through early menopause but I am not!!....... Dr says its anxiety as he can't find anything wrong with me!!!

So what is wrong with me?? Or am I really ok and it's just stress??? 

I feel like I am going mad or there is something really wrong with me in my head !!!!
I am scared and just over it!! 

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I am in the same boat. This is not normal it is anxiety. Can you find a new job? I am seeing a naturopath and do feel better and it has made going that bit easier. 

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I too have feelings like this, usually when I am inundated with my work at the time, but I am fortunate enough that when I am on song at work, I can put it behind me.

What I do find is that I also experience symptoms like this when I am lying in bed at night, awake and thoughts of my childhood come rushing back.  I suffer anxiety, depression and PTSD from my experiences as a child.  It makes it ever increasingly difficult to cope with day to day activities, especially when I had shut it all out of my life for 20 years, then one day it all hit me in a way I can never forget.


The stress will fuel the anxieties.  I find that myself at work, then they start feeding of each other, and unless your colleagues all know whats going on inside your head, they will just think your crazy.


I have found the best solution for management at work for me is to tell everyone what I suffer.  Whilst it isn't on my email signature, it comes up in conversation and I don't hide it.  It is amazing how much easier it is to deal with the symptoms at work when you don't have to hide them.  All of a sudden things do not appear quite so bad (mostly).


All the best.

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Hi name is Dave and this is my first post! I have has a couple of "minor" panic attacks in the last few years but last Friday night out of nowhere I got hit by a freight train of a panic attack, it was so intensely overwhelming and I really thought my mind had snapped and I was going crazy. I can relate to your experience greyhorse, because they were accompanying physical sensations- I couldn't stop shaking,  I had a bit of a sweat on and I was afraid to stand still. It was only a few days ago but I've spent the last few days in an ongoing but ever- decreasing state of fear. I'm not so much afraid of a panic attack as I am of the feeling of disconnection- a feeling of being crazy for want of a better word. Like you I'm just totally over it and want it to stop. Ive booked in to see a psychologist and im sure this will help. I hope our shared experience can give us both hope. Good luck!