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Situational Anxiety - Feeling inferior to significant other

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I've 'managed' anxiety for the past few years but every once in awhile it rears its ugly head again. My anxiety is situational based.

i have just returned from a fun trip to the U.S where I got married. Upon return, my husband started picking on things he thought were my weaknesses and then started getting dismissive. I'm trying really hard to think logically and identify how much of it is my anxiety exaggerating it. It's been two weeks of me putting on a positive, brave face but I can't see an end. There's no improvement. 

I'm so sorry that I may be venting instead of being constructive. I just want to flip out and scream that I think it's unfair that I'm suffering and everyone else is OK. 

I feel desperate. I'm trying to tackle issues as they arise so my anxiety doesn't spike, but I feel I'm getting blocked by my husband. He think anxiety is an 'excuse' or a 'cop out' for my lack of drive/success. 

Does anyone else deal with people that don't accept anxiety? Or aren't the compassionate type in general? I feel like alarm bells are going off that I've made a mistake with him. Is it anxiety or is it really an issue? I won't stand up for myself because I'm scared of being alone. 

How do you drag yourself through it?

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Hi Ym,

Welcome to the forum. We're sorry to hear how difficult things are with your husband at the moment. It can be pretty difficult for other people to understand the impact of anxiety and it sounds like this is happening in your relationship. 

Do you see anyone professionally for assistance with your anxiety? Psychological approaches can be particularly helpful for people with anxiety disorders. In addition, it might be helpful to have a 'third person perspective' on the issues you have raised with your husband. If you are interested, you can arrange an appointment with a GP to request a referral. 

You might also find it helpful to download/request for information to be sent from the many fact-sheets about anxiety that are available from beyondblue. This may be a helpful way to support your husband to understand what you are going through.

We hope you stay in touch with us all on the forum- keep us posted with how things are going.

With best wishes

beyondblue team