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Pregnancy News: Can't feel the happiness.

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Yesterday, we got to know that m pregnant. My partner and I had always wanted to be parents. But we are not feeling that happiness after the news. We are more stressed than happy.


We are unmarried. Even if it doesn't really matter to us but it is still a taboo in our community to become pregnant before marriage. Its not like we did not want to get married but every time there is something or the other happening in our life that would mess up our plan. So we thought we will have the baby first then get married coz I felt like my biological clock is ticking. m 34 and i had seen a lot of my friends my age who are struggling to get pregnant.


Now that it finally happened, I feel numb and at the same time  overwhelmed with all different kind of feelings. My brain wouldn't stop talking. I have no one to talk to except for my partner(who is equally stressed) coz I do not want to break this news to anyone yet.


Why m I not happy? Is this normal to not feel happy? I feel guilty.

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I can tell you that in my past experience I felt the exact same way. As time went by my feelings changed and I now have 3 beautiful children whom I wouldn’t change for the world. They are the best decision I ever made and I do think it is normal what you are feeling and going through. I hope you soon find your way to embrace your pregnancy and feel better soon.