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phobia around blood pressure !

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Hi all

I started a thread a when I first came on here called 'can't relax' but even then I didn't mention one of my biggest issues. I have a phobia around blood pressure. I don't even like saying it or seeing it written! but I had to put it in this thread title to see if anyone can relate / advise.

I get so anxious when the dr is going to take it that it's always high and so it got to a point last year where she encouraged me to take it myself at home, and by doing that we were able to decrease the meds I was on for high bp. (dr says I have 'significant white coat syndrome)

Anyway I haven't taken it for ages as it still makes me anxious even doing it myself and meanwhile had put on some weight and spend a lot of time worrying about my bp. I am seeing a psychologist and while I mentioned this in my first appointment we haven't really addressed it so I'll bring it up next week cos it's clearly a) obviously not going away by itself (the worry about it) and b) quite a big worry at the moment.

I know I need to talk to her, lose weight and walk more, and take it more regularly.

Anyone dealt with any like this ridiculous phobia?!?

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That’s great that you were able to get help with that Gloria.

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Hi all on this thread, you sound exactly like me with the BP in a medical setting or at home, this week is more severe because I have little faith in the psych I see as she offers no actual help and judging by her questions doesn't listen or comprehend what I say, all I get from her for anything is " do you feel there is anything you could do differently to alter the outcome"?, I am finding just reading this thread is doing so much to help me, knowing I'm not alone, I was at my old GP having adverse reactions to new rheumatoid arthritis medication, pulpitations, nausea and itching, the Dr started getting all excited and animated about the redness and she was frightening me, she then took my BP and I was in full swing panic attack the first in 30 years, but no she jumped up swung around covering her mouth saying "your having a heart attack, oh no, oh no, what am I going to do with you"?, I said I'm sure it's a panick attack, she said impossible and sent me to hospital in a taxi, so yeah, now I freak out , I was able to take a good reading at home but recent hospital stay for unrelated issue put rest to that. I'm glad I'm amonst you all.

Wow Sliksista I hope you have access to another GP! Talk about fuel a person’s anxiety - that is so not the response we need from a dr!!

I’m definitely not over my phobia, and haven’t found any psych suggestions to help either but what I now do when taking my own is just remember the process takes only about four deep breaths, and I play a headspace meditation while I’m doing it. If I’ve had a couple of good readings in a row then that helps too.

Hope you can get back to good readings at home.