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Pale Colourless Lips ? ANXIETY?

Community Member

Hi all,

I have had anxiety all my life, it is severe I suffer all sorts of deliberating symptoms:( although I have recently noticed my lips seem pale/colourless. My iron levels are fine. I’m starting to worry immensely thinking cancer ? Lung issues ? So please has anybody else experienced this as a anxiety symptom?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Shellstar ~

Welcome to the Forum, like many I too suffer from anxiety and this has a marked effect on my face.

My partner can tell just by looking if my mind is in one of those endless lops or if i am concentrating on the worst possible outcomes to things. Simply put my face goes paler than normal.

I think my lips may lighten too, though I'm not certain. This can be from compression (I often clamp my mouth or hold my jaw rigid) or dry out my mouth due to the way I breath.

So I guess it is possible your lighter lips could be from anxiety.

However I suspect (I'm no doctor) there are many other causes of a purely physical nature - apart from iron deficiency - and I would strongly urge you to go to your GP and discuss the matter with a view to having the common ailments causing pale lips to be eliminated.

If nothing else this will help ease your mind and reduce your stress levels.


Community Member
Hi shellstar, I have noticed that my tongue goes pale during an anxiety attack.
I'm not sure why it does happen though

Hi Joey_b I’ve noticed mine goes pale too when I’m having panic attacks. I keep getting them when I’m eating because I’m worried I’m going to have an anaphylactic shock to food. Are you still dealing with these if not how did you cope with them? Can’t find anyone else who is experiencing this symptom. 

Hi georgia-01,


Thanks for sharing. I've never experienced cold lips during anxiety but would regularly experience tingling or coldness in extremities - particularly my hands. My GP however told me symptoms such as dry mouth, cold flushes, hot flushes and a whole bunch of other physical symptoms are common with anxiety. Perhaps something worth discussing with your health care provider?