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Natural supplements for anxiety

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Hi all! Iā€™m a newbie here and I am just wondering whether anyone has tried supplements or natural medicines to treat anxiety? And if so, any recommendations?

im a little apprehensive to take prescription medication for anxiety but I think I am getting to the point where I think I need too. šŸ˜ž

thank you.

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Hey Lil_fitz

Welcome to the forums, it is great that you have reached out to get some advice on this sort of topic.

Medications are a tricky one though, especially for things as serious as depression, anxiety and PTSD etc..really the best person to give this sort of advice is a medical practitioner, I know that you mentioned that you are not particularly keen on taking prescription medication but perhaps this is also a conversation that you could mention to your GP. There are so many variations and doses and all different kinds and they are the best person really to give you this kind of advice.

I am so happy that you have come to chat though and please feel free to come and chat about how you are feeling and anything really, we are here.



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Going to tour GP is worthwhile just to talk about how you're feeling and any symptoms you have

I recently did just this and one natural supplement that you can get at most Chemists (Chemist Warehouse has these the cheapest) is Seremind. It's just lavender oil supplements. But please have a chat to your GP/pharmacist to make sure it doesnt integer with anything else you might be taking or allergies.

Thank you for responding šŸ™‚

I will have a chat to my GP!

Hi Lil_fitz

Welcome and thankyou for being a part of the forum family too!

I am all for any natural supplements that help with anxiety...I have studied anxiety conditions for a while and I do know that milk is beneficial as it contains calming agents...which can help providing some calm with anxiety

Just from my own experience.....If we have difficulty with anxiety on a day to day basis where it has an effect on our well being....it is time to have a talk to our GP. Making a double appointment is a great idea as our GP can then really help us more effectively

any questions are welcome!...your privacy and well being are paramount to the Beyond Blue forums

my kind thoughts


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I have had anxiety for too long to remember. I take medications as I needed to but that was my situation.
I refused for so long but it go too much. Something I do find that helps me, is magnesium. It helps with sleep and when you have anxiety you hold your muscles differently. It helps with the tension. I would also recommend, if you can afford it, a good quality relaxing massage.
It gives me so much relief, especially from tension in my body. It helps with the exhaustion too.
But definitely talk to your GP and maybe discuss any naturopaths if that is a path you might want to go down.
I am not great with selfcare but just the simple like a beach walk, reading also helps.
But if you need medication give it a go. But really discuss it. My psychiatrist now helps and monitors it with me.
I wish you all the best.

Hi Lil_fitz

Like everyone else, I suggest that you speak with your GP and pharmacist before you try anything. Having said that ...

I suggest you do some resesrch into probiotics. There is a lot of initial research pointing to a link between gut health and mental health.

A recent Australian study has shown a particular probiotic to decrease symptoms associated with depression. It's called NRGbiotic.

My daughter has anxiety and after speaking with her GP and pharmacist she now takes this probiotic. She believes it makes a difference. Magnesium is also really helpful to her.

Good luck.

Kind thoughts to you

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I also would never take prescription medication so I went to a naturopath who recommended a few natural options. One was adaptogens and I found a pretty good blend from an Australian made brand, called super zen by the base body. I feel like it's made a huge difference.

I'd definitely talk to your GP or see a naturopath as well though. She helped with a full self-care plan in place which I'd highly recommend.

Good Luck

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If you're looking into natural options for anxiety, consider exploring isotonix supplements that support gut health. The gut-brain connection is powerful, and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome can positively influence mood and anxiety levels. Isotonix Digestive Enzymes (https://au.shop.com/APN/-1304993843-p+.xhtml?credituser=R1629005) could be beneficial as it helps maintain digestive health and support nutrient absorption, which can indirectly affect mood. Always consult with a healthcare professional to find the best approach for your individual needs. Wishing you the best on your wellness journey!