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Life anxiety , do you believe in luck, bad luck, or some dealt certain hands ?

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Hi to all , and if you feel inclined l'd really like to hear any and all thoughts, beliefs, experiences whatever, observations,so please feel free.

Do you believe in luck , or bad luck , or that we may just be dealt a certain hand in life. ? Do you believe we do things do things to bring good luck or invite bad luck ? Or that maybe there are things we can do to invite good luck in life ?

Why , is it some people can do no wrong , they have so much and so much comes to them yet they very often aren't even very nice people, often down right self a/h's, or full of dirty tricks, yet things just keep on coming to them no matter what they do?

Yet others you know for fact are some of the nicest people you'd find anywhere, or they try so hard , or would happily give others the shirt of their back , or always be there for a friend , maybe very thoughtful and considerate , yet nothing goes right ? But if there might be anyone that deserves whatever good life could bring their way, it would be them .

You must've noticed this stuff right through life or gone through it all yourself , or watched the worst people you know have things just fall into their lap while no matter what someone else does all they seem to cop is shyt .

Why does it all happen the way that it does and to the people that it does ?

Do you believe in Karma , paybacks in life, or life rewarding us , or what goes around comes around ?


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You know , some of the worst things l've seen , and quite a few times while going through divorce myself , is one partner destroying a good marriage and a husband or wife that loved them, destroy the family , destroy their life's work and run off with someone else , only to go on as if they do no wrong . They end up with anew partner , often a property , and seem hapy as a lark.

Yet the one left behind , often ends up on their own, has all sorts of other horrible things happen, struggle for years .

l've seen this l dunno how many times and lived a fair bit of it myself too , yet how can it happen that way for the person that destroyed the family and the person that loved them, yet they some how do all that but still come out landing on their feet .

Or say a brother of mine , l've got two of these stories , but this one , he was a petty crim for years, did a faur bit of drugs , wouldn't work in an iron lung , and he's not a nice person believe me,yet the richest couple in my family somehow believe he deserves their help , bought him a place and at 45 he hasn't had to work in years.

Now they've decided to sell that place so they offered one of the other brothers, wait for it , 5k , yep, to drive him around and show him new properties so that they can buy him another one.l'm not kidding , this is happening right now.

Yet my sister that's worked her ass off years and years, asked them for a deposit loan so that she could finally buy a place in her early 50s, they wouldn't give it to her, Once years ago l asked them for a small loan too , they came up with every excuse under the sun. They're worth around 40million that we can roughly guess at

Yaknow , what is it with life and people .,?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey RX,,

Im tagging, your thread has caught my interest, but atm I'm to tired to read and to post..will do so after work tomorrow night..

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Thanks for the great thread topic!

I am a huge believer in Karma...Its like you being a part of the forums and being a part of caring for others.....what goes around will come around RX

Sometimes the people 'we think' that have everything go their way isnt necessarily so. Just an example...I have known many 'happily married' couples/singles that have been anything but happy....Some people go through life with a superficial 1mm veneer and strive so hard for their friends & acquaintances to 'know' they are happy when they are anything but.

You are a classic example of a kind hearted person RX. It took a lot of courage for you to become a part of Beyond Blue....yet you did it and kudos to you. By posting about what you have been going through you have helped more people than you know as approx 70% of the 'hits' to Beyond Blue are from the people that choose to only read and benefit from the forums without posting

Besides the usual ups and downs of life's roller coaster ride there are people that give from their heart (you) and will benefit as a result

If people choose to do wrong to others I believe the karma bus will pick them up,its only a matter of when,not if

My kind thoughts


Hey RX...Just posted to the first part of your thread.....I will reply to the second part tomorrow 🙂


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Hi rx,

Yes I do beleive in karma, also that we are here to learn a life lesson and untill we learn this "lesson" or maybe not such a lesson but something in our higher consciousness sorry can't quite put it into words. But untill we achieve this, when we die we are born again and attempt this lesson again if we didn't get it in the last life. That's a belief I have..

I know what you meant about things not going right for some people and life seems great for others. My partner died a year and a half ago, 28yrs old and 3 young kids. Not fair is it.

Also do you beleive in the law of attraction?

Thanks grandy/ would love to hear your views when your up to it.

And to paul thanks as always to mate. Funny you talk about us all sharing our stories , tbh l'm not sure how l feel about things with mine. But l know many do talk about their own and l believe it helps in ways and feedback , thoughts and that bb is a place people can feel safe and no shame in doing so if they need too. But ahh mate , l think you give me too much credit, l'm def' no good Samaritan or saint but l guess you could say something like to people l come across that l feel deserve it or need it , if l feel fairly sure they won't just bite you later, sometimes l try sure but strangely all too often in life out in the real world , it just doesn't pay does it eh.

Thanks for your views and l loved your thoughts on karma , l;m so on the fence about karma but very interested in what others have to say about it.

And yeah , have seen things in many couples out there myself too , tbh l don't come across all that many l envy , strangely anyway , many use to envy me and ex w so yeah, so much for envy or how things appear anyway eh.

Hiya lilly , thanks for the thoughts appreciated.

l'm not sure abiout the law of attraction , definitely between two people you bet , but in other ways in life l think we can attract this or that at times yeah for sure, but for most not constantly. Although l have seen or know people that are very consistent with things that just seem to come to them , l just wish l knew how.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello randomx, there is an old saying 'we make our own luck' and I do believe there is some truth to it. I was reading a book recently that had some interesting studies that have been done around luck and depression. One of the studies had people sitting down and reading through a newspaper, and part way through on one of the pages was a reasonably large sized advertisement saying "Get $50 by telling the researcher you saw this" or something similar. The more depressed people were much less likely to notice the ad and get the free money on offer. This really makes me wonder how much anxiety and depression closes us off to seeing opportunities in life and then affects our "luck". It then becomes a spiral.

I was also reading something this morning from a woman who has recently found the right kinds of treatment for her depresion and was saying how amazed she is that there are opportunities all around her that she was not abel to see previously. The world hadn't changed, it was just her perspective of it.

Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi rx

Thank you for sharing your ideas. It's certainly an interesting thread.

I think "life" happens to us all-the good and the bad- but it's how we respond to adversity and our perspective that defines us. We can choose to be happy and make the best of tough situations. We can choose to focus on what we have, not on what we don't have. We can choose to look for blessings even in our darkest hours. I think we make our own luck.

At age 17 I was hit by a drunk driver and finished up with a broken back. I certainly didn't deserve it and was so angry. This was not supposed to happen to me! I threw myself into therapy, discovered strength I didn't know I had and, while it took a year, eventually learned to walk again.

So you tell me: was I lucky or unlucky?

For the record, I still think I was the luckiest person in the world.


what an interesting topic.

What is luck? people say to themselves they are lucky to have this or that. I feel I am lucky and privileged to live in Australia.

I think sometimes people can be in the right place at the right time and conversely be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I know people who are jealous of others so called luck and this can make them bitter.

I am happy for other people but I don’t see it as luck I see they have made good choices.

I used to be angry that I had bipolar and felt life was so unfair since I was diagnosed at sixteen . I was bitter and kept thinking why me. that used up a lot of energy. As I got older I thought there were worse things and I stopped complaining.