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Induced facial twitching

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Hi guys, I’ve recently noticed that I can induce rapid twitching in my face through the slightest movements - very slightly scrunching my nose, putting my bottom teeth behind my top ones, shutting my eyes just a tiny bit tighter than when I sleep etc. I even got my tongue twitching by just pushing it out my mouth a tad. The twitches/tremors come on very quickly in these positions. I’m freaking out a bit but I have severe medical anxiety due to some traumatic events in my past. Can anyone else induce these sorts of tremors with such ease? Is it an anxiety symptom? I should add I have recently been told by a neuro that I have a mild essential tremor in my hand or possibly enhanced psychogenic action tremor. Thanks so much!!
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello AnxiousSara,

A very warm and caring welcome welcome to the forums...

I tried to do what you said you done, when you notice a rapid twitching....I felt a lot of pressure behind my eyes and ended up with a headache....I don’t think our face, teeth etc are supposed to be held in a tense position for any period of time....just my thoughts..

I think that because you are tensing your facial muscles, which is not really a very natural way....that it’s causing your twitching....I am not a Doctor, professional or have anything to do with medical advice at all...just tried it to see what happened...and these are only my thoughts..

I notice that when those weight lifers are lifting heavy weights...and their muscles are tensed to do so...they also twitch,...

To be 100% sure and to relax your mind...I strongly urge you to make an appointment with your Dr. and tell him/her what you’re experiencing when you do that....

Please know that we are here for you when you feel up to talking..

My kindest thoughts with my care dear AnxiousSara...


Really appreciate it. Thank you! I have been to a neuro twice and he is not overly concerned. He has confirmed however that I have a mild intention tremor. My mind is constantly running wild that something is being missed and there is a sinister cause to all this. Appreciate your reply!!

Community Champion
Community Champion

hi sara,

sorry to hear that you are worried. i agree with grandy, it is probably best to make an appointment with your doctor just to get things checked out to ease your mind. i hope its nothing.

also, have you seen a psychologist about your health anxiety?

all the best,