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I just have this really bad feeling

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Hi y'all,

I'm just going to get straight to the point. 

Today, I went to the stores and bought a pair of new headphones. They're pretty simple headphones, do the job. And later after I got back, I started using them then I just get a really bad feeling, like my house is going to catch on fire or something. I know it's unrealistic but I can't shake the feeling. I get this feeling a lot and I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

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Community Champion

Dear Lilith_was_here~

Welcome to the Forum, it sounds like you are having a pretty distressing time. Sometimes people do get unwanted thoughts of bad things going to happen, and those thoughts simply appear for no reason.


This is pretty distressing and I'd suggest the best thing to do is go see your GP and set out exactly what has been happening. If you think it might be too difficult to explain when you are there then do as I've done and write it out in the days before the appointment then hand it over. The doctor will appreciate having something exact to work from , and you will not have to try to remember everything on the spot.


Do you think this might be a good idea?




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Valued Contributor

Hi Lilith_was_here


Might seem like a strange question but are you sensitive to sound? To put it another way, do you feel sound?


It's an interesting topic 'The ability to feel sound'. Depending on which camp you come from (science or spirituality) both cover quite a lot of 'sound energy' topics. For example, quantum physics acknowledges the molecules in our cells hold energy. Sound is also a form of energy. The sound energy you listen to is something you may feel in your cells when they become more excited, vibrating faster. If they vibrate incredibly fast, this is hyper activity. So, it's a matter of 'What does serious hyperactivity feel like in our body?'. With the brand 'Bose' for example, they're noted as being about pure sound as opposed to offering average sound quality. So you could say we feel pure sound/energy more intensely (through out body, which includes our nervous system). In the camp known as 'spirituality', it's about 'raising the vibe' or simply increasing vibration to the point where you can feel the increase.


I have 3 different lots of ear phones and each one offers a different feeling experience. The purest sound typically sets off feelings somewhere around my solar plexus and heart area. While, at first, really good quality ear or headphones felt absolutely dreadful (producing feelings of dread), I came to re-label the feeling or feelings while experimenting with different sounds through those phones. Calm meditation music compared with a high vibey group like The Black eyed Peas. Very different feel, for sure.


If you are sensitive to sound energy, would be interesting to know how you feel shopping centres, large events, different types of music, lots of people talking at once etc etc. While I'm a gal who's sensitive to sound to some degree, my son's on a whole other level. He actually wore earplugs to his year 12 formal earlier this year, so as to help manage his nervous system.


If emotion is defined as 'energy in motion', the question can be 'What kind of energy am I feeling that is in motion within me?'. Getting a feel for that type of energy is an interesting exercise. Happy, sad, stressful, exciting, overwhelming or perhaps something altogether different we're yet to find a label for?

Thanks Croix for your reply,

Seeing my GP sounds like a really good idea until I go see them, I'll write down my thoughts when it does happen again.


Thanks for your reply, therising,

That's an interesting question actually. I think I'm sensitive to sound to a certain degree, I think it depends on the general mood that I'm in. At large events (e.g. a sports match), I can do quite well but I think at shopping centres I do find it hard to think straight when there are too many people talking. I will ask myself what energy I'm feeling when I am feeling stressed or nervous in the future.

Thanks again, 


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Valued Contributor

I doubt it will be anything specifically to do with the sound quality (or lack of) or even the sensory deprivation associated with removing ambient sounds (although these can affect some people) but if you feel this way when submerged in a bathtub or in a sound proof room (recording studio for instance) then it may indeed be the case.

My thoughts lean more to the physical impact of wearing headphones (equally applicable to 'bud' style in-ear variants and even glasses incorrectly fitted) for any extended period. The head contains many sensitive pressure points which can result in sensation subtly transmitted from the constant force applied from the band being too tight or ear cups poorly designed (or a combination of both) so checking the fitting would be the first place to start before necessarily racing off to the doctor.

Naturally, if this sensation extends to different conditions, then certainly take the necessary action.